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10 questions to ask yourself before taking a second dog!


10 questions to ask yourself before taking a second dog! Bringing a dog home is a huge decision and it is certainly not a decision to be taken lightly. The concept is nice: having a dog is often very pleasant! But, it is not a decision so simple and light as it seems! You must assume this dog until his death! It seems that this is what so many people forget when considering a second animal. You might like the idea of ​​having a second dog in your home, but what happens when you make it happen?

It may not be as simple and as pleasant as you thought before, which can make things a little awkward and uncomfortable at home. You see, having the first dog is such a great choice that so many people think that the second is no different. The truth, however, is that it is very different. A second dog means you have to do everything twice. It is not always as simple as it seems and that is why it is absolutely imperative to consider a few things before making the final decision to adopt a second dog.

Here are the 10 questions to ask yourself before taking a second dog!


1 # Does the rest of the family agree? 

You should ask this question every time you bring a dog home, whether it is your first or second or even your tenth. If your family does not want another dog, it is not a good idea to bring another dog. 

2 # Do you have children at home?

Your first dog may be comfortable with children because he was raised with them. Another dog may not accept children based on experience and could be an issue for owners. So you have to think about the situation before choosing your second dog.

3 # Can you afford a second dog financially?

You cannot take care of a dog if you cannot afford it. You must be able to take care of your first dog in a way that allows him to live serenely, but also for the next dog. You need money for visits to the vet, for food, water, toys and medicine. Can you assume this for two dogs?

4 # Do you have time to devote to a new dog in addition to the first?

Some of the questions to ask yourself before taking a second dog are: Do you have time for a second dog? You may think so because you have time to take care of your first dog. However, your current time may not be enough to integrate a second dog into the family. Indeed, with a second dog, everything takes more time:

  • walks
  • Games
  • education 

You must have extra time in addition to the time you already spend on your first dog.

5 # Is your first dog sociable?

If you have a dog that doesn’t get along with other dogs or is uncomfortable with them, this is probably not a good idea. You have to wonder if the dog you already have will be able to integrate a new companion into the house, at the risk if not that he is unhappy.

6 # How old is your first dog?

Some adult or aging dogs do not like to make contact with puppies. This means that your old dog may not adapt to the arrival of a new puppy. This is a very important consideration that you need to make before bringing another dog home. It is exhausting for a dog, as for a human, to have to integrate a newcomer into the house. The dog must take new marks and adapt. Its not always easy.

7 # Why really decide to adopt a second dog? 

This is a very important question. Indeed, not all reasons are good for taking a dog. For example, you don’t take a second dog, just to stop the first dog from getting bored. They could then be bored together. The second dog should not be an excuse to compensate for a lack of investment from the master. 


8 # What has changed since you first got your dog?

How has your life changed? You have a dog, but you haven’t always had that dog. What is so different in your life now that you want a second dog? You really need to consider an honest answer here before making the decision to bring another dog home. The changes can be good, as they can make you go through hell. Are you ready for new changes?

9 # How will it change your life?

How will having a second dog change your life? Is this going to make your life more pleasant, because your children have moved and you lack a company? Will this allow you to spend more time at home or more time being active? How will a second dog change your life?

10 # Do you have a large enough house?

Just because your house is large enough or comfortable enough for one dog doesn’t mean it is necessary for the second dog. It is a very good idea to consider the space you have in your home and how it will affect the two dogs. Is there enough space for them to find their own place and not be forced to stay together if they don’t want to?

Adopting a dog is never trivial! So imagine a second one? I hope this article on the 10 questions to ask yourself before taking a second dog could have helped you!

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