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13 Amazing Facts About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in treating the problem of chronic pain in your body. The therapists also recommend physiotherapy to be a better and safe option than taking opioids to address the problem of chronic pain in the long term. The treatment of pain through physiotherapy Surrey is the best option for people suffering body pain for quite some time. Following are some facts that the experts have written for the patients seeking treatment for pain in their body:

1. Exercise is a treatment; our bodies have incredible healing power. When people experience persistent pain, it’s usually less about what’s going on at the local pain site and more about the person as a whole. When the doctor is focused solely on the immediate pain site and not on the broader image of your well-being, you should find treatment from another doctor.

2. Pain is a dynamic mental phenomenon, not merely a symptom. Much as anger does not manifest from our hands, so does love not manifest from our hearts; so does the suffering not manifest clearly from our tissues. Pain can manifest from mental experiences, from non-physical stressors that lead to physical symptoms – including a cold sore.

3. Developing or enduring constant (chronic) pain is likely to be triggered by a person facing sustained exposure to physical or non-physical stressors or possible threats associated with pain that causes our biological system to disable different stressor/threatening systems. Evidence indicates that the more you understand the psychology of pain, you are likely to feel less suffering, less injury, less physical discomfort, and less use of health services.

4. Both health care professionals should be called experts, not jurors, and jury members for your well-being. You have the freedom to doubt their views, contest their advice, and fight for your safety and well-being. If you don’t work with them, go and find some advisors. If it comes to discomfort, there are many ways to “kill the cat” and the use of medication will not be one of them. There are also different ways to cope with suffering, as it is an experience, not a symptom.

5. Exercise is a drug because, in reality, the activation of our own endogenous feeling good hormones is more effective than any medication out there. Reasonable to intensive exercise is different from all; it may be a short stroll for one, a gentle sprint for another, or a cross-fit type workout. Do something you love doing that can get your pulse rate up, smile at you, and do that for at least 10 minutes a day, it will make a lot of difference.

6. You deserve to be in charge of your health care. If you want to see a physiotherapist or an alternative pain treatment plan, talk up. Do not encourage a practitioner to deny your exposure to alternate health treatment choices, and do not only compensate for the discomfort with opioids. You should look for the best physiotherapy Surrey Newton for your treatment to make sure that you get the best therapy.

7. Remember that pain is an experience, not a symptom. Much like you don’t take a snapshot of your vehicle and drive it to the dealer to test it out, you shouldn’t just focus on an image to decide your health care choices. Imaging results are very good at removing scary stuff (e.g., fractures), but they are not so effective at monitoring the sources of pain. Again, that’s because pain is a multifactorial experience, not just a matter of tissue.

8. Knowing that you know that pain is an experience, not a symptom and that pain is a multi-factorial issue, not just a tissue problem, you should consider all the ways to treat the discomfort. Sure, we know that targeted steroid injection can reduce inflammation and also, reduce tissue sensitivity and relieve pain, but it is also an “easy remedy” that can have side-effects. Targeted exercise tendon stimulation will minimize tissue vulnerability and have positive pain-reducing benefits.

9. Remember, medical providers should get seen as consultants, not judges, and jury members for your health care. Don’t be afraid to argue with and fight with the healthcare providers. Physiotherapy Surrey Newton is at the top of the list of guidelines but is dramatically underused. Properly directed and supervised exercise may have a significant impact on the pain and function of the OA knee and may significantly reduce the cost of your care.

10. Remember, knee OA imaging findings do not correlate with the pain. The risk/harm associated with these injections is well known and continues to be overused. These damages are irreversible. We urge you to consider better treatments like physiotherapy Surrey for your suffering and well-being.

11. Although sometimes things may feel like they’re “off” or “out of alignment,” the perceived sensation is likely to be due to an increase in tone from our body’s effective alarm protection system. Our body is strong and durable, with impressive healing ability. It also has the incredible ability to adapt to the physical demands placed upon it.

12. Pain is the interaction of many processes. This is clear that emotional health plays a significant part in the perception of suffering. There should be no shame surrounding mental health. The brain is the essential organ of our bodies. Thanks to our mind, we can experience life, love, learn, feel, and so on. We need to protect our brain and our mental well-being more than anything else. If you, your family, your friends, or if you know of anyone who has ever had a mental health condition, it’s time to remove the stigma and speak out in support.

13. We cannot argue that pain is a sensation guided by several processes of the body, not just a symptom. They need to understand that mental health conditions, unpleasant feelings of injury, fear, and fatigue play a significant part in the perception of pain. I urge us all to take a step back from the notion that pain is merely a tissue issue, a physiological problem, a stance problem, and so on, and to remember that it is more nuanced and that our mental well-being plays a major role in practice.


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