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4 Ideas to Surprise Your Partner on the First Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversaries are special but the first one always holds its own importance. The firsts of everything are practically more special than the following ones. It surely is a big day for you as well as your partner, so it needed to be celebrated accordingly. What about anniversary gifts?

Gifting one is a special way of saying ‘i love you’. Over the years, you will surely give her hundreds of gifts and surprises, but this is your first, so you need to think of something extra special. Thus, your surprise should be worth remembering. It’s been one year of togetherness, you must be well aware of your partner’s personal choices.

All the likes, dislikes, what amuses them, and what pisses them off. You have got enough time to know all this by now. Even simple gestures are worth it if you make efforts. Like, online cake delivery in Gurgaon to them while you are at work to wish them a happy anniversary. 

anniversary cakes

Below is a list of some unique ideas to amaze your partner. 

Prepare breakfast 

Start the day by preparing a nice warm breakfast for your love. If  Breakfast in bed doesn’t sound like a perfect anniversary idea to you, then I don’t know what will. Most people in cities remain busy with your daily chaos and don’t get enough time to have food together. This is just the perfect chance to bond over food.

If you are not even aware of where the kitchen is, my suggestion to you is to plan everything a night before so that your well-intentioned breakfast does not turn into your worst nightmare. It will also help you to arrange ingredients if any of them are missing. If it’s your first time cooking, you might overcook it, but prepare it with love and don’t worry, they will manage with the taste.

Box of flowers

This is no surprise that flowers are liked by all. You don’t even need to think hard to pick a gift like this. You just have to visit a local flower shop and grab a bouquet of fresh flowers. You don’t even need to go anywhere, get online flower delivery in Kolkata at your address, which is even simpler.

flowers online

Go for a customized box of flowers with message cards for your handwritten message. Flowers have the ability to express emotions better than words. Place the bouquet in the breakfast tray or put it on her side while she’s still asleep and watch her wake all starry-eyed. Trust me; she will fall in love with you all over again. 


If surprising your wife and she loves jewelry (I shouldn’t even say ‘if’, because every woman does), get her a piece of jewelry or a set for that matter. Jewelry enhances the beauty of women. You’re her better half; you must be well aware of the kind of jewelry she likes whether dainty jewelry is what she prefers, or heavy pieces are more of her taste. Another great idea is to get her personalized pieces like imprinted bangles or initials engraved pendant. Customization has its own appeal. A customized gift is a great choice as it gives a personal touch.

A movie date

Planning a movie date reflects that you have time-bound just for her. If your better half is a movie fanatic, then schedule a movie date to her favorite movie for just the two of you. Movie dates are great. You can discuss your favorite parts, and it will remind you of the time when you used to date each other. You get to enjoy each other’s company in silence and don’t we agree that silence is golden. If your favorite movie is not currently putting up, create a theatre at home. The idea is to be together. Pick movies of the genre that you both prefer.  Grab some popcorn because hello! It’s movie time.

Netflix subscription

It’s your anniversary too, pick a gift of common interest. If you two are movie bugs, then a Netflix subscription is just the perfect gift for two of you according to me. Netflix is a subscription service, and it allows you to share four screens on one subscription ( and no I’m not here to promote Netflix). Get a whole year subscription so you can stick to the movie couch whenever you feel like. With so many web series coming each day, you know my wishlist is always full. 

I think it’s an incredible value for the price, and your spouse and you will have constant movie night whole year long. I can assure that you will be more than happy to pay for this bill. 

These are some ideas to make your anniversary day special.


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