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5 Questions that People Ask Rummy Players

Rummy is one of the most entertaining card games as it is challenging even though it has some of the simplest sets of gameplay rules. Ardent players patiently spend a lot of time perfecting their game to win consistently. What’s more, one can play the game for big winnings, both offline and online. Being a game of strategy and intellect, it requires skills to win.

Because of so much ambiguity related to Rummy, avid players are often faced with the following questions time and again.

1. Is Rummy Legal?
This is one of the most common questions that rummy players are asked. The fact states that the rummy game is not governed by chance but by the player’s skill. Winning consistently at Rummy requires considerable strategy. The Honorable Supreme court of India has declared Rummy legal since it is a game of skill and the outcome is not dependent on chance.

2. How can you get so lucky everytime?
Rummy is in no way a luck-based game. To win at it consistently you require considerable skill in observing, using memory, and ability to read the opponents moves. Using these abilities, you can win by strategizing your moves. It is also very important to know the rules as that too contributes to formulating your strategy. You must practice to hone your skills to win at this game. Hence you may get lucky once in a while but you cannot really win this game every time with just luck.

3. Have you ever won money in Rummy or How much money have you lost in Rummy?
Another annoying question that non-players often ask Rummy players is if they have ever won money in Rummy. An even worse version of the same question is how much money they have lost in Rummy. This question exposes the preconceived notion that Rummy makes people lose money. On the contrary, online rummy games are safe and winning or losing money depends purely on your skill level. In fact, it is similar to investing in learning any skill in any game in order to consistently win. A passionate player must invest time with patience and dedication to hone their skills and win at rummy.

4. Aren’t you getting addicted to Rummy?
It is impossible to get addicted to a game whose outcome is based on your own skill sets. Since Rummy is not a luck-based game, it isn’t addictive for players. It requires time, patience, and practice to hone skills needed to win the game. Once you have mastered the skills, you will be able to win games more consistently and therefore be able to play more regularly too. However, as with any activity in life, too much of anything can be bad and hence it is an individual’s choice as to how much time they spend playing Rummy without making life go out of balance.

5. Won’t playing Rummy make your mind dull?
Contrary to the fact, Rummy actually increases the mind’s ability to accurately read other people’s mind by reading their moves. Since the game requires the skill to closely observe, remember, and predict opponents’ moves, playing it helps sharpen the brain’s powers to do the same.


There are plenty of annoying questions that perceive Rummy as a chance-based game just because it can be played for real cash winnings. These questions expose the preconceived notion of people who haven’t tried their hand at Rummy and think of it as a pure chance game. Whether it is a game or any other experience in human life, you cannot know what it is all about unless you try it. So, if you choose to try your hand at Rummy, sign-up on one of the most popular rummy platforms such as Rummy Passion and start playing instantly.

You can start playing without real cash and take advantage of a safe, secure, and fair platform to enjoy your game. You can also find more articles on how to play this game of skill and rules to know about before you start with popular Rummy Apps such as Rummy Passion.


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