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Afterall a person who has motivated us or guided us has always been our teacher, even though you may not go to school or university now, but you could always go for the online cake delivery in bangalore to your teacher.

When we talk about the gifts there are so many things, we think about giving them but when it comes to showing what we have for them we are just in the thoughts about whether they will like it or not?

Well, this year you shall keep your contemplation aside and just go with the kind of the gift that you like, and you think that they will like as well. There are many ways in which you could show some appreciation to them. All you have to do is just find a gift for them this year and surprise them.

Now a gift can be many things, you can always go for many gifts as you please, a gift can also be edible if you know what your teachers favourite things. And if you have no pocket money this month then you can also go for the handmade gifts and you are all set for showing some appreciation to your teacher.

Here are a few surprise gift ideas that you can consider:


Now we all are aware of the bouquet which is made from flowers but flowers after being cut cannot live forever neither these pens will but in this way, they will always have a pen for every occasion, you can combine that pen with multiple colours which will just put a smile on their faces. Most people go for a pack of pens wrapped but it is just more beautiful when you have a bouquet of pens by your side.


This gift will not cost you anything. All you have to do is just write what you have learned from her in all these years and just give it to her. This is another perfect gift that you can give her. Remember to start nicely and just go with the flow. Then, you can go for the nice quotes that you find online as well. This gift will show how you appreciate your teacher and how much you admire them. You can also talk about how they have been inspiring you.


You with your classmates can contribute a small amount and just go for the cake on teacher’s day. You don’t have to go outside, all you have to do is go on bloomsvilla and just choose the cake that fits your budget and just go by that. Mostly chocolate and black forest cake will be preferred but you can go for any cake that you think you teach will like. When you all will split the money, it will be easily affordable for you as well. All you must do is just go for it. Remember that you can also go for the stacked cakes as well. This is the same thing that you can do on her birthday as well, get her a nice birthday cake. This will be another way of appreciating.


Get a couple of pictures that you have taken on your school trips with the whole class and the teachers and just make a massive collage out of them you can also go for a big poster if you would like to and just surprise your teacher with that. all you need is a little bit of creativity and the rest will happen on its own.


You can go for a video where you can film a minute of messages and something that you have learnt from your teacher in them. This will be another good idea in which you can surprise your teacher, and this is a bit touching as well. All you need here is a camera and good editing skills and you will just be good to go, the video will be a good quality one and will consider every student’s contribution as well. You can always go for this idea.


Flowers are perfect for appreciating a person and there are many flowers that you can go for, all you need to do is just place an order o bloomsvilla. You can opt for lilies and the pink roses that are there. These will just put a smile on their faces.

You can always go to Bloomsvilla in these times as the flowers or the cake will reach their destination on time. You just must choose the flowers and cakes and they will just reach their destination in no time. Make sure to select the eggless option if you like it all eggless and you are all set for the celebration.


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