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6 Enthralling Hiking Spots in Philippines

Social media can help you achieve anything today and so did the Philippines by being known as one of the best countries for mountain climbing. The adventurous activity got popularized over the years with enthusiasts visiting the Philippines in good numbers each year being influenced by social media. If you are one such traveler who loves thrilling trails through beautiful surroundings and seeking lessons on patience and perseverance, once you get started with this adventurous journey of hiking in the Philippines, you will awaken the true figh

ter within.

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Here are some of the most enthralling hiking spots in Philippines that will give you a thrilling experience.

 enthralling hiking spots in the Philippines

Mt. Batulao

Mt. Batulao is a famous hiking trail in the Philippines for beginners. Located at a distance of few hours from Metro Manila, this mountain peak in Batangas offers breathtaking scenic views throughout the trail – the sight of rolling slopes and verdant grasslands. You will cross many mini-peaks before reaching the final summit. This one is a 40hour easy hike ideal for enthusiastic beginners. Planning a trip to the Philippines with friends? Try out this adventurous budget hike near Manila. Take your own time to complete the hike while alluring the stunning sights around. If you don’t want to return the same day, you can set caps and stay overnight along the trail.

Tarak Ridge

The next on list is Tarak Ridge for adventure travelers seeking some challenging hiking trail in the Philippines. It is one of the several peaks of Mount Mariveles with a steep hiking trail rewarding the hikers a spectacular view of the manila Bay, Bataan and the surrounding islands. Do not forget to take a halt at the refreshing Papaya River right before the challenging part of the trail begins. Many trekkers decide to stay in a camp overnight but this hike can be zipped up in a day easily. Well, the choice is always yours!

Mt. Daraitan

One of the best mountains to hike in the Philippines is the Mt. Daraitan, the longest mountain range in the island country. For travelers who are looking more than a hike on the trip, this is the right trail top choose. You can also go on a side trip to the stunning Tinipak River on your return. In case you and your friends want to camp in the night, you will have all the time to explore the beautiful spots in the regions such as springs and caves.

Mt. Maynoba

This mountain offers one of the most popular hikes in the country for the awe-striking views of the sea of clouds. If you do not want to miss the view, start the trek around two or three in the morning and reach by the time dawn breaks in. Views at this hour are just marvelous, the feeling is so soothing as you watch the sun rising over the magnificent Sierra Madre mountain range. While descending down the trail, cool down at the eight little waterfalls.

Mt. Pulag

Want to go hiking in Luzon, Philippines? Here’s the highest mountain peak in Luzon for you, Mt. Pulag! This mountain range in Banquet is rumored to experience extremely cold temperatures that even drop to sub-zero levels at times, making it a challenging hike for even the experienced hikers. So, better come well-equipped on the trail. You will come across several trails while ascending up the mountain, among which the Ambangeg is the easiest taking 4-5 hours to reach the top of the peak. If you want to go for a challenging trail, there’s Tawangan Trail that is quite difficult on the ascent but comparatively less crowded and more serene. It takes 10-11 hours to reach the summit. Conquering the Pulang peaks takes 2-3 days on an average. It is while ascending this stunning mountain peak that you will come across the most magnificent views.

Kibungan Circuit

The last on our list of hiking trails in the Philippines is the Kibungan Circuit. Not many have heard about this but it is one of the most challenging treks suitable for experienced and expert hikers. It is a three-mountain circuit engulfed in the Kibungan town of Benguet. The region is yet to be famous among adventure junkies and thus remains well-preserved and verdant. The entire circuit extends across the mountains of Oten, Tagpew, and Tagpaya. As you cross the pine forests, the scintillating views of the rice terraces will welcome you. Even though it is among the most challenging hikes, it will be a treat to your eyes to have the sight of the natural wonders around.

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