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6 Reasons To Explain Unstoppable Crying Behaviour Of Children

Babies are born crying but it’s normal for a growing child to cry. However, frequent crying behaviour can be concerning for parents. Particularly, when the parents are unaware of what is bothering their child and they don’t know how to calm a crying child.

A baby’s cry- a communication tool

Crying is a communication language your child tries to talk in before they could learn to speak. However, the triggers of the crying response can be different and vary for children of different ages. There could be many possible reasons that your child is crying endlessly and to soothe a crying child, finding out the actual reason is the first thing to be done.

Understanding your child’s crying behaviour  

Most parents consider it normal, however, sometimes it could be your baby’s natural communication process to let you know about some ongoing trouble. My cousin’s child used to cry unstoppably which they initially tried to consider normal. However, when the child’s cry became unbearable for children, they took the baby to a few renowned child specialists of Lahore. One of them diagnosed the child with an ear infection.

Why is my baby crying?

In case you are wondering why your child cries more often, read below to find the reasons which must be the reasons for unexplained crying behaviour.

1- They must be hungry

The first thing to consider while seeing a crying child is their hunger. Most of the time, children cry because they are hungry. Hunger is the most common reason for crying among children. If your child stops crying after you feed him then you should reconsider their feeding schedule. A child’s feeding requirements change as they age and babies communicate either if they want to feed earlier or need more food.

2- A tired child cries more often

A tired child is more likely to cry due to the unrested behaviour that might be leading to the traumas. Though child fatigue can’t be completely prevented but can be minimized by ensuring a good sleep schedule. Sleep requirements if your child also changes as they grow and you need to adjust it by seeing the behavioural changes in your children.

3- An overstimulated child cries often

Many children like to be at fun places and enjoy themselves at such gatherings. However, if you see your child crying at any such place, consider that your child is going to be overstimulated by all the hustle and bustle. An uncomfortable child can be calmed by taking them to a quiet place or sometimes returning to their place is the only solution to calm a crying child.

4- Stress could lead to crying behaviour in children

Children are as likely to become stressed as adults. You must be wondering what could make your children stressed while all they have to do is to eat and sleep. Well, there are many causes of stress in children. A noisy place could be stressful for the children as well as overscheduled children could be stressed. You can work on children’s external circumstances to make them feel more comfortable and this will automatically work to improve their crying behaviour.

5- Your child is seeking attention

Another explanation of a child’s crying behaviour is that your child needs attention. Children use crying as a tool to get their parent’s attention and a cry response with attention can strengthen their behaviour. Thus, when your child is crying don’t talk to them and intentionally ignore them, told a renowned child specialist from Baloch hospital in Lahore.

6- Feeling of pain and discomfort can make a child cry

Unless a child starts speaking, they rely on other communication ways to tell their problem. Sometimes a child’s cry can be a sign of pain or discomfort they are feeling in any of their body parts. Children cry when they are suffering from constipation, stomach ache, ear pain, gas or other related issues. While discomfort may arise from cold or hot weather which your child is wanting to tell you.

Takeaway Note!

Children may cry due to many possible reasons and their behaviour observation can enable parents to figure out the right cause of their child’s cry. However, if you are unable to explain your child’s cry, it is advisable to immediately go to a paediatrician for the right diagnosis of the problem.


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