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9 Guest Blogging Secrets You Need To Know

We all know we need to guest post to grow our blog popularity as writers. Guest blogging will help you to build backlinks to rank well on search pages. Especially on Google search pages. To attract more traffic to your blog. That’s one of the reasons you need to know some essential guest blogging secrets in other to grow your blog through guest posting.

But what most new bloggers don’t know is.  How to do guest blogging the right way?

Sometimes your problem might be how to eliminate writers block to push out your first guest post and get published. If you are a writer. You will know how awful it is to have great ideas but find it difficult to make an article out of them.

This is the hardest aspect of guest blogging. If you find it difficult to write. You will hardly find it easy to do it well. Therefore you won’t get the right result out of it.

That is why I have decided to write this article to help you discover those guest blogging secrets you need to know to do guest posting successfully. And also to make your blog an establish authority in your niche.


What are does guest blogging secrets you need to know?

Here are the vital guest blogging secrets you need to know before applying for your first guest posting opportunity. If you want to achieve success.

  1.  Connect first with your target blog. Many newbies ignore this aspect of building relationship with there fellow blogger colleague. Before requesting for a favor. You need to let the person you want to become a guest author on his blog get to know you.

How do you do that?

One of the ways to do that is through blog commenting. When you comment on your target guest post host blog articles and leave a useful opinion behind.

You will get noticed by the blog author. From that point, you will get to build a better relationship with the author. He or she will get to trust you base on your attitude to support his or her vision.

When you build this kind of relationship with the target blog editor. You will likely get a favorable and considerable response from the author of the blog when you request for a guest posting opportunity.

  1.  Give That blog helping hands first. If you want to succeed in guest posting in your targeted blog.  You have to do something to show the blog author you care about his or her vision. It can be a  social media share of there blog article. You can even point out things they are doing wrongly in a polite manner.

Offering to lend them a helping hand can make them value your person. So much that they will likely consider you as a top priority to return a favor.

My guest blogging experience as a blogger

I have experienced this over and over again. I once met a friend on Facebook. He was a blogger and luckily for me he was a blogger writing on the same niche as I do. We both chatted up with each other. Giving each other some recommendations to get better.

Finally when I started sourcing for a site to guest post on. I quickly pitch him a request to send him a guest post. Surprisingly to me he quickly accepted my offer. That’s it, the good relationship you build with fellow bloggers online can help you find opportunities faster to grow your blog. They can even recommend you to a blogger friend if they are not accepting one. And you know what that means. If you are recommended by a friend to a friend.

  1.  Join the guest posting group on Facebook. This very one is a killer idea. I have been pitching a lot of big blogs out there only to get turn down or not even getting a reply for weeks. Luckily for me, I found a blogger friend on Facebook. And told him I will like him to help me get a list of good blogs I can guest post on.

Do you know what he told me?

He reveals a very helpful secret to me. Which I am going to tell you know. He told me that a lot of bloggers are looking for people to guest post on their blog. In other to relieve them of there article writing stress. So if I want to find one. I should just search on Facebook search box with this search string “guest posting group”

Do yo know what happen after I did that?

I found a lot of interesting blogs accepting guest posts. And even get to connect with the blog author that is really interested in receiving my well-drafted guest post article. You won’t believe this!! I got tons of requests from blog author to guest post on their blog after posting on those groups.

I mean authors welcoming me with open arms to send my articles with favorable conditions.

  1.  Write interesting Titles and Headlines. Now you know how to secure a guest posting opportunity. The next thing to do is to draft out a nice title for your article. In other to avoid your host author from rejecting your guest post.

Why do you need to do this?

You need to do this in other to grab those blog authors attention and desire to feature your guest post on their blog.

Because most bloggers have strict standards for publishing on there blog.  Why do they do this? They put this in place in other to do everything in alignment with there vision and purpose for creating a unique online learning community for there audience.

Most bloggers will tell you types of topics they don’t accept  a guest post on their blog. They will even tell you to check there blog to make sure you don’t send them a topic they have already covered on there blog before.

And for you to pass there guest posting review and get your article published on their blog. You have to adhere strictly to those guidelines. So if you know you are not fine with your host authors’ conditions don’t bother sending them your guest post. To avoid the stress of wasting your time.

  1.  Request politely for a guest posting opportunity. Sometimes most blog authors will ask you to send them a formal guest post pitch. so they can review your proposed article. To enable them to know if it is a good fit for there audience. In the situation that you are requested to send them one.

Do make sure to send them one before sending them the full contents. Don’t just send them whatever you feel like sending them. Because sometimes doing so might be so annoying to some blog editors.

  1.  Make your guest posting pitch short. Short and brief is one of the keys to getting your guest post host editor’s attention to read your message. You must make your guest post pitch short and straight to the point because most blog editors get so many email requests to reply each day.

How do you do that?

Just greet them briefly with a there real name. And tell them what you want right away. Don’t beat around the bush just to tell them you want to guest post on their blog.

Be confident in yourself. Stay real, write as if you are speaking to the editor in person. Don’t write as if you are some sort of programmable robot out there.

  1.  Link naturally to your blog. Once you get accepted by your guest post host blog. Try to make sure you don’t get too promotional in your attempt to link to your blog perfectly. Don’t focus your article on the point that readers of that post should always click on your link.

Put together some valuable information on your guest post article. Only link to your blog as an additional option they need to read to get more better insight to improve on a specific area of what they are about to learn.

Don’t make the whole essence of the article be to promote your blog and divert the audience of that blog to your blog. Place your blog link naturally. And make your call to action for your blog link natural and nonpromotional in nature.

  1. Send your guest post on time. As soon as you are invited to send your guest post. Try to send it on time. Or if you know it will take some time to draft a perfect guest post. Let your guest post host editor know the time frame you would be able to send him the offer.  Don’t just keep him waiting for you to send your guest post for ages.

It does sound good. You need to appreciate the offer to guest post on their blog. By taking that opportunity seriously. Because not everyone gets such attention from them.

  1. Send a thank you message after been publish. When you send them the guest post make sure to follow up with your guest post host editor. In other to give him any help he needs to get your article published on his site.

Follow him up on social media if you have his or her social media handle. To ensure your blog post is properly posted in the right manner as you expected. Once he sends you the live link to your article.

Don’t forget to send him or her a big Thank you message for accepting your guest post. You don’t need to write something too complex. To get it done the right way. You can just say ” Thank you so much for accepting and publishing my guest post on your blog” period.

That’s the much I can share with you on the 9 guest blogging secrets you need to know to guest post successfully.

Now tell me what you have for me

What do you think should be done to do guest blogging successfully? Your views are widely accepted by me. I will like to know your thoughts on this topic. maybe you could help someone out by sharing it in this comment section below. Let’s learn together here.


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