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A Comprehensive Guide to Selling Used Rolex Watches

Do you want to sell your Rolex watch? Are you wondering how to get the best price?

For people who are looking to sell a Rolex watch, the good news is –

The market for pre-owned Rolex watches is today booming.

Rolex is ideally the most recognised and popular brand in retail as well as the resale market.

The crowned king of luxury watches comes with a century-old history. And it is today one of the most famous names in the luxury watch industry.

While Rolex has a higher demand, it is typically more convenient to sell Rolex watches than selling watches of any other brand. However, selling such a valuable asset can often be challenging, especially for naive.

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Here is an all-inclusive guide on how to sell your Rolex watch and secure its best value.

Have a look!

  • Find out the reference number

Firstly, you have to find out the reference number of your Rolex watch. The reference number will let you understand the Rolex model you possess.

For example, the model can be a Rolex Datejust, a Submariner or a GMT-Master.

However, two significant ways can help you to figure out the reference number of your used watch.

One is, checking the accompanying paperwork of your timepiece. It might be the authenticity card, service records or purchase receipt.

Secondly, look at the watch case itself if you do not retain the paperwork.

Rolex engraves the reference number on the 12 o’clock side of the case.

Thus, remove the bracelet on the 12 o’clock side and check for the reference number in between the lugs.

  • Find out the serial number

You can also find your Rolex’s serial number on the paperwork. However, if you no longer possess it, you will need to remove the bracelet.

Each Rolex watch comes with a unique serial number that indicates the approximate production year of the specific model. But it is important to note:

The place where the serial number is engraved will vary depending on the age of a Rolex watch.

For instance, Rolex engraved the number in between the lugs at the 6 o’clock side on the watches produced before 2005.
However, the brand began engraving the serial number on the watch’s rehaut after 2005.

If you want to have more information on it, read the guide to Rolex serial numbers.

  • Verify the approximate market value of your Rolex

Now that you know the reference and serial numbers of your used Rolex watch, it is time to browse the internet and do some research.

It is always essential to do your research and understand the current market value of your watch.

How much is my Rolex worth?

This is ideally the first question you might be asking when you decide to sell your Rolex for cash.

If you search over the net “sell my Rolex”, you will find many online watch dealers. You can consider getting price quotes from the top 10 watch buyers.

Eventually, you will get an idea of how much you can get for your pre-owned watch.

However, keep in mind the final value that a potential watch buyer is willing to pay for your Rolex watch will depend on many factors.

Two things can help you to secure the best price for your watch – one is the original box and papers and another, the condition.

The original box and papers help to verify the authenticity of a Rolex watch. Thus, it will add to its watch’s value.

Moreover, the condition of your pre-owned Rolex will determine the final resale value. Whether vintage or contemporary, a Rolex timepiece can fetch a top price if it is in excellent working condition.

  • Choose trustworthy watch buyers

Like we already mentioned above, you will find many online watch dealers near you if you browse the internet where you can sell your Rolex.

However, it is essential to choose the most trustworthy one to make the process smooth and get the best price.

The best way to decide where to sell your Rolex is to fill up an online form and get a free initial quote from some professional watch buyers.

Then you can choose the one who offers you the best valuation for your Rolex.


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