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An Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Keto Diet

What Is a Vegetarian Keto Diet?

This is a keto diet plan that only requires vegetarian food items. This diet has a low content of carbohydrates and a high healthy fat requirement because it provides the body with energy via ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic process by which the body metabolizes fat instead of carbohydrate to produce energy for the cells. Therefore, it can be used for losing weight.

Are There Any Health Risks?

Vegetarians often struggle with losing weight, mostly because their diet contains large amounts of carbohydrates. So, this diet is very useful, as it avoids meat and has low carbs. Though, you should be aware of the fact that you are risking deficiency of nutrients like protein, some essential fats, and certain vitamins. The amount of deficiency depends on the kind of diet you are choosing to practice. The more you restrict your diet, the more likely you will become to deficiency diseases.

Categories of Vegetarians:

Vegetarians are categorized based on their acceptance of non-veg items in their feeding habits. Like:

  • Vegans- They avoid all the animal products, such as dairy, poultry, meat, seafood, fish products. Sometimes even honey.
  • Lacto vegetarians- These are the people that avoid all animal products except for the dairy products. Vegetarian people in India usually fall into this category.
  • Lacto-Ovo vegetarians- These are people that avoid all animal products except dairy products and eggs. This category of vegetarians is usually found in the European countries and the USA.
  • Pescatarians- These people just don’t eat meat and poultry products, they eat seafood, eggs, and dairy. This category is usually considered as the semi-vegetarian type.

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Which Category is the Best for a Keto?

Obviously, the more liberal form of a veg food habit will be more appropriate for a keto diet as it will expand the range of keto foods to choose from. However, this diet is doable with any vegetarian discipline. Due to the lack of animal proteins in their diet, the vegans make up for it by eating grains and legumes. These are not allowed in a keto meal plan, but the Eco Atkins diet can make it possible by carefully choosing plant items that are low on carbs and can provide all essential amino acids to the body.

Plan of Action:

The plan of action in a vegan keto diet is simple and can be summed up into 5 steps:

  1. Avoid carbohydrates.
  2. Eat a source of high plant protein in every easy keto meal.

The vegetarian proteins we recommend are:

  1. Serve 1-3 vegetables at least twice a day.
  2. Cook with healthy oils.
  3. Season every meal with healthy herbs.


You can stay on a vegan keto diet for a long time. All you will have to do is eating vegan keto diet meals fairly distributed throughout the day. It will take a lot of commitment to eating in such a short variety, but if you are ready for it, follow the guidelines, and get started. If you have any other vegan keto-friendly food options, let us know in the comments.


Author’s bio:

Catherine Wiley is a healthy food enthusiast and fitness instructor from Dorking, UK. She’s been a lifelong student of health and enjoys staying active with her husband, 2 young children, and dog ‘Bentley’ in the beautiful Surrey Hills countryside.


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