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Ayurveda Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction That Works Wonder

Ayurveda treatment for erectile dysfunction is a complete lifestyle plan. Ayurveda treatment for every medical or emotional issue comprises a diet change, lifestyle change and use of some herbs. This is because, Ayurveda, believes in cure and rejuvenation at the same time.

Erectile dysfunction can be due to physical, or psychological or mental issues. Ayurveda treatment covers all these aspects to cure and treat the problem. It is the only system that cures the root of the problem, not only symptoms. It does not offer an instant solution like Generic Viagra 150 mg, but bring a complete change in your lifestyle to boost sexual life.

Major parts of Ayurveda treatment for erectile dysfunction

The biggest advantage of Ayurveda treatment is that it is always based on individual lifestyle and body type. No treatment plan is the same for two people. Everybody has its own body type, and dosa types according to the Ayurveda system of medicine. The entire plan is made on the basis of individual body type and lifestyle.

The use of Indian Ginseng, Shilajit

Shilajit is the single most potent herb for sexual weakness prescribed in Ayurveda. It improves sexual stamina, increases libido, provides energy for sexual activity and increases desire. A natural product, it is mixed with other herbs to create a mixture for daily use with milk or as directed by the doctor.

Ashwagandha is another powerful herb used to cure various sexual weaknesses in the male. It is a multipurpose herb. It is the single herb that deals with stress, anxiety, low energy, low sperm count, and low sex drive. It has a strong anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties, which deal with physical causes of erectile dysfunction.

Ayurveda Body Massage

Any Ayurveda treatment plan for erectile dysfunction in males is incomplete without body massage. The body massage is performed with oils extracted from herbs. The single session of body massage by the expert is equal to the performance of medicine Levitra 60 mg for the erectile issue.

The stress and tense parts are relaxed in body massage. All toxins are removed from the body. The body and mental relaxation encourage harmony between body and mind. A complete body massage session lifts your spirits. The stimulation that is needed to get aroused is easy to get after a body massage.

The oils are heated and used in certain ways to facilitate blood flow and relaxation. Anyone who feels that stress, anxiety, fatigue, body pain or lethargy is preventing a sexual joy should go for Ayurveda body massage. You can also use Cialis 60 mg for weekends with the body massage. The pressure is lifted and stress is eliminated from mind and heart. A highly relaxed body and mind encourage you to go for an intimate session with the partner.

Diet change and Exercises

During Ayurveda treatment, you cannot have the same diet you were taking before the treatment. Change in diet, some form of exercises and cutting down on smoking and drinking are part of the treatment in Ayurveda system. During the treatment, you need medical guidance whenever using medicines like Fildena 100mg. Since erectile dysfunction medicine reacts with other medicines, you need to avoid the herbs and supplements when taking Fildena tablet.

After the end of the course, you need to keep dietary changes for life long benefits. You also need to make some moderate form of exercises part of your lifestyle.


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