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Best Curly Ponytail Styles For Short Hair Weave

While short hair is simple upkeep and chic, there’s nothing superior to a feathery, voluminous, wavy ponytail. This immortal (and also practical) updo isn’t only simple and easy to wear but is additionally a flexible and adaptable style. The possibilities of curly ponytail styles are anything but limited! The ponytail can be worn daily in classic styles for a range of occasions. No wonder it’s every girls’ favorite updo. But just because your hair is barely skimming your shoulders doesn’t mean it’s impossible to wear your hair up in a gorgeous Blow out ponytail. With the help of long clip in ponytail hair extensions and a little bit of creativity, it can be done! Compared to other types of hair extensions, clip-in ponytails are very easy to use. For best results, you should use high-quality human hair clip in ponytail extensions. 

Curly Ponytail Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

Below we have gathered some of our favorite curly ponytail hairstyles of 2020 to inspire your next hairdo. These 10 curly ponytail styles for short natural hair are perfect solutions for both casual and formal outings and they are sure to turn heads. Also, you’ll never look at ponytails the same way once you’ve seen this lineup.

1.Curly blonde Afro puff

Curly blonde Afro puff

Just because you have short or medium length natural hair doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a big curly puff. This super cool, easy afro puff ponytail style is quick and simple: what you can do is tie your hair together in a tall pony and lock it with a flexible band.

At that point, take the wavy pigtail and tie it freely around the base of your usual ponytail. Pull your curls forward and leave them hanging freely around your face. And Voila! You now have the afro puff hairstyle. Let the world behold your kinky, coiled, ringlet glory.

2.Low side pony

Low side pony

This curly ponytail hairstyle has been seen on numerous runways and has even become a go-to red carpet look for some of our favorite celebrities. The best thing about this unkempt look is that while giving out the low key vibe, it goes really well with every outfit. 

The easiest way to style a side ponytail is with loose waves or curls, creating a feminine twist. Take out some face-framing strands to complete the look and give them a gentle curl.

3.Kinky ponytail

Kinky ponytail

You can never go wrong with a classic, kinky high ponytail. Sophisticated and chic, this kinky ponytail is definitely worth a try. This take on the classic ponytail is full of personality and is sure to turn heads. It combines the fresh, sporty feel of a high ponytail with the glamour of long, flowing curls. As a result, you can wear this style for any event, day or night.

4.Messy ponytail

Messy ponytail
Messy ponytail

This is probably our favorite way to wear hair weave in a ponytail. This ponytail can be worn to pretty much any event. Sweep hair in a low or high ponytail and clip in a ponytail hair extension. Let some strands fall out on the sides. Tease the hair a bit to make it look effortlessly messy yet styled. Portion off a strand of hair and wrap it around the base to conceal the elastic or for a dramatic look, secure it with a bright scrunchie. This might be the oldest trick in the book, but it never actually gets old.

5.High bouncy ponytail

High bouncy ponytail

Barbie’s signature ponytail – high bouffant with a curl or a twist- has become a fashion statement among celebrities on the Red carpet. Pull your hair back into a high, hair extensions fortified pony for a dramatized poofy updo. Wrap a section of your hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it. Let the ponytail descend into loose curls, adding easy movement. The front can be secured with a studded headband. This curly ponytail up will add a truckload of glam to your otherwise boring ensemble.

6.Long wavy ponytail

Long wavy ponytail

Waves look beautiful when set up in a ponytail. A compact ponytail with swirling waves is perhaps the most dramatic statement right at the crown of the head. The look can be very stylish and sophisticated, but it’s crucial to make sure your mane has plenty of definition. Without defined waves, your hair can look like a halo of tangles and flyaways. Dare to enhance your pony with excess volume for a loud, powerful look.

7.Slicked back curly ponytail

Slicked back curly ponytail

Business up front, party in the back—this is the easiest way to make your curls look dressed up both sexy and smart. This modern style embodies the best of the ’70s and 80’s era with a classic shape. This low pony makes slicked back makes sure all emphasis is on the voluminous curls and the kinky, gentle curls complement the overall hairstyle perfectly. Now, who isn’t fond of a polished pony?

8.Cascading pony

Cascading pony
Cascading pony

The gorgeous mane is loosely pulled to the side or back to flow with a lovely cascade of curls and the finished look should be bouncy with defined loose curls, not beachy or messy. This sexy yet classy formal hairstyle is ideal for occasions such as proms and weddings. The added extensions make the ponytail fuller, giving it a glamorous feel. 

9.Crochet braided ponytail

Crochet braided ponytail

This curly crochet ponytail hairstyle is not only trendy but so god damn pretty AF. Your hair is initially braided into cornrows before the crochet ponytail extensions is secured onto it. Your Instagram selfie game will reach a new level after you recreate this insanely gorgeous curly crochet hairstyle. 

10.Ringlet ponytail

Ringlet ponytail

We are obsessed with this gorgeous, sweet ringlet ponytail. Large, bouncing clusters of curls breathe life into every ponytail. If you are looking for something just as polished but a little different, then make one single bouncy ringlet- you will still get plenty of great volumes while standing out in a very chic way. Wear your ponytail in a single ringlet to your next fancy event and watch many heads turn. All you need for this style is a curling iron, a couple of styling tools, and a curly ponytail extension. ! Your ponytail will spring to life exquisitely.


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