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Cardboard Custom Cube Boxes | Packaging Solutions

We are specializes in cardboard packaging and offers solutions for shipping, protecting, packaging, or storing at a lower cost. During your shipments, beyond the choice of packaging, you must also be very careful in the selection of your cardboard cube. Indeed, just like your postal packaging itself, it will condition the arrival in good condition of your package. It comes in different forms according to your needs and will protect your products during their transport.

TheCustomPackagingBoxes offers you a wide range of cardboard wedges: bubble wrap, foam paper, or even particle wedges. You will thus find a choice of quality at the best price to promote the success of all your shipments thanks to good conditions. The choice of your carton setting depends on various criteria. Here are all our solutions so that all your packages are well protected.

Reference solutions for your cardboard packaging

The most suitable setting depends on the nature of your products. The bubble paper remains an essential reference for the protection of your products in your mailings. Indeed, it is made up of air bubbles that absorb all shocks related to transport. It can adapt to many products because it is able to wrap many jigs. It comes in different forms to best suit your needs: standard bubble wrap, big bubble wrap, or kraft bubble wrap for double protection. The diameter of the bubbles will depend on the weight and the fragility of your products.
You can also choose the foam paper if your products are particularly fragile. Indeed, it follows all shapes for complete protection against scratches and shocks. Its anti-scratch properties will further protect your fragile surfaces for all your furniture, your glassware … In the paper category, kraft is also a good option for your cardboard packaging. It is 100% natural and it is high resistance allows it to fulfill different uses: wedging, packaging, protection, or even stuffing.

Other alternatives for your cardboard packaging

Beyond the different packaging papers, there are also other solutions. The cushioning particulate, damping, and light will protect your products from shocks. Its properties also allow it to withstand temperature changes, to be waterproof, and to resist bacteria. You can easily fill all your boxes to reduce your shipping costs. The blocking particle also exists in biodegradable form and then becomes fully compostable.

Finally, corrugated cardboard also includes all the qualities necessary to protect your products during their transport. It is a natural product, completely biodegradable and recyclable, which also has the advantage of being inexpensive. Both resistant and light, it will absorb all shocks during your shipments. It can be used with bulky products as well as with fragile products, and serve as a separation during transport or storage.
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