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Coaching Couple- how coach personnel helps to achieve couple goals?

Two independent people just make a deal that they will help to make each other the best version of themselves and are bonded by the emotional connection of love which  makes them a beautiful couple. When both  the people have love, tolerance, patience and security in their relationship then they are the one’s who give us perfect couple goals.

What is a couple fight and what is it’s solution?

Caring for someone whole of your life is not that simple or maybe it is. Sometimes, two people who are truly best for each other will have to face great obstacles to be with each other. Most of the time it makes the bond more stronger but sometimes it leads to distance, arguments, disagreements and end up with breakups. Yes, sounds awful but can be converted to joyful with just a talk. Sometimes in such situations, it is difficult to talk while managing the flow of emotions. In such a situation, Coaching couple is there for your help by guiding you.

Coach personnel are the specialist for dealing with the fragile conditions of couples. In their sessions, you find about what you need. Coach personnel keeps all the sessions confidential.

Why couple fights?

Most of the fights between couples are about nothing. Yes, this is truth. Many of the fights between couples are about little issues like who will cook diner or which movie to watch this weekend and more such fights because of mis communications and misunderstandings. Actually, some occasional argument is normal even good for a healthy relationship.

Do often fights is a serious issue?

Too often fights depend upon the personal preference which is frequently created by observing surroundings, family, parents. For example, if someone’s parents fight regularly then it is not a big deal to that guy to fight with his partner where the other one can feel it like a breakup because she has never seen such fights. Having arguments is not bad. It indicates that you and your partner feels free to share your feelings. But it is necessary to step back when you find that your words are going to hurt your partner and try to control the situation. 

What to do to argue fairly?

  • Choose your words carefully.

When you are feeling emotional during arguments it is difficult to control your words and you speak something  hurtful. To avoid rise of such circumstances, take a deep breath for a second and use words wisely before you speak. Stay with the issue at hand.

  • Use word needles.

Use some productive line and words which are defensive as well as do not screw up your partner. When you talk effectively and try to make him understand your point. Then you will be capable of dealing with the situation. And most importantly, if you are wrong, apologize. 

  • Use I and our rather than you.

Stay away from “you always” or “you never”. During the argument do not blame your partner. If you start telling them their mistakes then it is your fault because they will not listen to you and you will not be able to prove your point.

If you are hurt then tell them. Let them know how you feel. This will bring all of them into the conversation. Try to make your relationship stronger by working together as a team in tough situations.

  • Avoid personal attack.

Does not matter how angry you are or how much the situation has heated up, never do any kind of personal attacks like about how the looks, speaks, about their family, friends or their past. This is going to be heavy on you and too far. These things will mark a place in their mind for always. Even after the end of the fight it may affect your relationship and leads it to a serious condition. 

  • Try to figure out the actual problem.

When the fight began on the same topic every time or it goes very far then it is mean that you need to find out the roots of the problem and figure it out together as a team for a healthy relationship. Attack the issue, not each other.

  • Invite them to work together.

For any work of your interest, you can not order or force someone to do that. That time you need to be little smart and ask them wisely by inviting them for your help. Think like this, no one enjoys doing chores. If a family member needs your help to get a chore done. Would you willingly and happily do it? If they make you do it? Of course not, but would you do it with a little bit more enthusiasm if they kindly ask you to  please give them a hand in getting done? Most likely yes (not judging if you say no, though). 

You should invite your partners to partake in an activity or conversation,this will help to show up with fewer barriers.

  • Listen carefully before speaking 

During any argument usually, we speak too much but do not try to listen to anyone. In a relationship, it is important to know your partner’s point of view. For that first, you have to control your self and listen carefully to your partner and speak less until necessary. When they get calm, try to make them understand gently about what was disturbing you. This is effective because it just not ease the situation but also let them know how understanding you are. This approach is useful to increase their trust in you. bonus.
Fun fact is that the problems in a relationship are never-ending but the ending of the relation is not the solution. For such issues, you can take help from a Coaching couple where the professional coach personnel guide you and helps you to find a way out towards a healthy relationship. A loving relationship is the way of the valley of happiness where you can set your never-ending couple goals. Just refuse to give up because love never ends.

Lady Sonia
Lady Sonia
Mentor lady Sonia is a certified coaching couple to you with a master's degree in commercial engineering. The mentor - Lady Sonia worked in the diplomatic community and within a united nations agency. She is an entrepreneur, lecturer, coach personnel, citation amour, relationship Amoureuse expert, mentor.

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