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Did Mike Cheat On Natalie The Night He Went Missing?

Fans are seeing Mike Youngquist and Natalie Morodovtseva’s on-and-off relationship for some time now. 90 Day Fiance couple tied the knot recently, but are they really happy with each other? Many speculate that Natalie and Mike are not even living together. And recently, Mike Youngquist explained his reason to call off the wedding in 90 Day Fiance Season 8 Tell All Part 1. It seems Natalie accuses her husband of being cheating the night he went missing. Is it true? Let us look into the answer below.

Was Mike Cheating On Natalie When He Went out Missing?

Things have never been normal in Natalie and Mike’s relationship. Natalie was happy the other day but soon broke down into tears when Mike went missing for around 5-6 hours the night before their wedding. Mike was neither answering the phone nor did anyone knew about his whereabouts. He does not even have a bunch of friends who could have invited him for the bachelorette.

Although Mike explained in 90 Day Fiance Season 8 Part 1 that he went by the river so as to clear his mind. He was anxious and cold feet as he was getting married the next day. But is that true? Natalie was distraught and doubtful. The Hollywood Gossip reports the couple to have a toxic relationship in the past, because of which Natalie could not trust much of Mike. And things exploded when Mike was back from his ride and alone moment.

Fans even do not trust much of Mike seeing how he was in the past. One should not be so careless as not to inform and leave the other person at home in stress. Mike must have informed Natalie out of courtesy, but he did not. Fans do not believe Mike’s excuse, which he gave for going ghost the night before the wedding. Many fans poured their thought down through comments to social media after watching Tell All. And some think Mike to have been cheating on Natalie that night. Well, a few claims he must have met the hairdresser who likes him and messed up.

Mike Youngquist On-Screen Wife Is Away, And He Is Enjoying His Life

Natalie’s visa was about to expire, and she was leaving when Mike called the wedding off. The only option to stay was to marry Mike. However, hours before the visa expiration, Mike and Natalie tied the knot. However lately, Mike seems not to be much involved with Natalie. And Fans suspect that the married couple has been leaving separately.

Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiance’s star Mike recently shared the picture of his new bike, Kawasaki KLR 650. The bike might have cost him around $6,999 to $7,999. That’s pretty much. Has Mike smoked all his 90 Day Fiance’s money on buying the bike? And what about Natalie? Is he having fun without her wife around?

Many female fans of the show flirted after seeing Mike’s bike. And he openly stated the female fans to ‘hop on.’ Well, he said it so because Natalie is not around to bicker. As per Screenrant‘s report, Mike is in Sequim, and Natalie in Seattle. Both are enjoying their spate life even after the marriage. Natalie is busy posting the cooking videos. At the same time, Mike is enjoying his new bike ride. So, was the marriage fake? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.


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