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Don’t Forget EDDM Postcards for Coming Election Campaign

Direct mails are an excellent and highly effective means of promoting a brand. Campaigning for the election is no less than marketing a brand/product/service. Direct mails, especially the EDDMs can be a potential bet for political campaigns. Be it a political cause or an effort to make your party candidate familiar with local people even without knowing their name and address, EDDMs are versatile. They are a service provided by USPS. The service either uses mailing routes or geo-targeting by zip codes.

Why should you use EDDMs?

If you’re looking for an effective yet inexpensive way to blanket local people with the upcoming political season, Every Door Direct Mail postcards or EDDM postcards are an ideal way. They are quite productive in reaching every household during this season. Political parties, election candidates spend hours planning their vote campaigns. They spend ample dollars on posters, flyers, catalogs, emails, and so on. But most of them overlook the simplicity and the influence of EDDM postcard marketing for endorsing name recognition of the eligible candidates. Let’s check out the reasons in precise.

  • Being local is everything – People tend to deal with local businesses. If a business is local and well operated, consumers will use it since it is good and nearby. This is a simple fact. Common folks don’t prefer to venture very far unless it is a specialized purchase. And, so if you want to market your brand, focus on the location; target localites. This is the key to successful marketing. So spread your message among nearby buyers, who are likely to patronize your products or service. EDDMs are great to remind people how great your products or services are. All you need to pay for the designated carrier routes. Americans usually don’t move beyond 5 miles (as per dependable statistics) for their daily needs. Therefore, target the people residing within 5 miles of your facility and as you know that your targeted prospects reside nearby, you can market the brand by zip code sans any mailing list.
  • They are reachable everywhere – Whether you want to target the households, the businesses, or both, EDDM postcards hit every address. Even if you have limited resources, you can compete toe-to-toe with your contenders during this election season. This efficient direct mail marketing effort doesn’t need any mailing list. All you need to target the voters of a particular zip code. Choose any of the local but reliable EDDM folded mailer services to take the responsibility to send your postcards to every household and office of the give zip code.
  • Postage permit is not needed – EDDM doesn’t need any permit. This allows you to save reasonably on the annual bulk mail permit. Send EDDM through the local post office without dropping them off at any special mailing center. For more convenience, get help from an EDDM printing service provider that manages jobs related to printing and posting as well as mailing the end products.
  • It’s damn cheap to send EDDM postcards – Direct mail products especially the postcards are much cheaper in comparison to other commonly used marketing products. Moreover, USPS offers special postage rates for Every Door Direct Mails. And, this ensures that you get a big bang for your money by printing EDDM postcards for the election campaign. At the same time, you can expect all the benefits of normal postcards from EDDMs – they’re tangible and can be sent directly to the voters. These are real-time marketing material that makes a personal connection with the people. EDDMs have a solid success record too!
  • EDDM works even without a mailing list – Managing time for mail list management is often difficult for the entrepreneurs. This task usually gets dropped to the bottom of the to-do list. But with the EDDM, you have to spend only a fraction of time with mailing list management. Just choose the right carrier routs to produce expected outcomes for you.
  • This marketing technique can be deployed fast – If you’re done with the essential diligence to plan out a solid election campaign agenda, sit back when the marketing will take care of itself. Nevertheless, there are always chances popping up and you can make use of them. EDDM marketing is one of them. The best thing about this is it can be deployed anytime. You can practically start it overnight and boost publicity and thus name recognition of the candidate. Make sure you get the postcards printed by a reputable EDDM postcard printing service provider that has experience of working for election campaigns.

So don’t forget EDDMs for the coming election season. This is something that helps your candidate to get elected. Include them in your normal campaign plan to get the most out of your dollars.  


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