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Easy Weight Loss Tips & Tricks

In today’s world people are consuming more calories than they burn. This will lead to obesity.

Obesity is a disease in which human body start accumulating body fat. Obesity also increase the risk of having diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, high amount of bad Cholesterol in other words LDL which can lead to heart related diseases.

So the simple solution to obesity is losing weight.


1) Healthy diet

2) Regular physical activity

DIET . Your Diet should be high in proteins, healthy fats and vegetables. You should consume complex carbohydrates but in less amount. Because carbohydrates provide energy to the body. And complex carbohydrates will not make your body more fat firstly as simple carbohydrates do.

Avoid sugary food items.

Drinking black coffee and green tea also helps in fat loss.

Cut simple carbohydrates – Most important part is to totally cut down simple carbohydrates. Cut down sugar, starches, and carbohydrates. When you cut theses you will not feel hungry so what happen is that your body will burn stored fat for its energy requirements. So your insulin level will be low. Your pancreas release less insulin because you have cut simple carbohydrates so there is less sugar in blood.

Next your kidneys will lose excess sodium and water. This will lead to weight loss.

When you do this your appetite will also decrease and you will lose weight without feeling hungry.

If you feel hungrier every time you can use complex carbohydrates, which includes oats, bran, whole wheat pasta, multigrain bread or brown bread made of wheat, sweet potato. These good carbohydrates will reduce your hunger and not make your body fat.

Aside from weight loss, the low carbohydrates diet can improve your health in many ways:

Blood sugar levels significantly decrease on low carbohydrates diet

Triglycerides tend to go down

LDL (bad) cholesterol goes down

HDL (good) cholesterol goes up

Blood pressure also improves

Protein – Fish


                Lean chicken

                Soyabean legumes and  Low   fat cheese.

Complex carbohydrates – oats , branflakes  , whole wheat pasta, wheat bread or brown bread , multigrain bread etc

Healthy fats – Olive Oil

                         Coconut Oil

                         All kind of Nuts Butter ie.        Almond or Peanuts.

Physical activity – Regular physical activity also helps in weight loss. Or do yoga or join dance classes.

Do cardiovascular exercise ie long distance running in ground or treadmill.

You can do swimming jogging cycling or mountain climbing. All theses help in weight loss.

Lift weights three times in week.

By lifting weights, you will burn lots of calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing down, which is a common side effect of losing weight. It will increase your metabolism. Fast metabolism also helps in losing weight.

Please try going to the gym three to four times a week to lift weights. And  ask a fitness trainer for some advice.

So at last the conclusion is that healthy diet and regular physical activity helps in weight loss. When your body weight is adequate you look fit. When you are fit no disease will able to attack your body and you can live a long life.

 So both exercise with a healthy diet is a more effective way to lose weight than  on calorie restriction alone. Exercise also help in being confidence and well-being, thus it of anxiety and depression. Now you know how much important is to being fit and maintain healthy weight. From now eat healthy diet and do physical activity to be fit.


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