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Find Lost Items & Prevent Losing Again


It is one of the craziest moments when we find out that we have lost our belonging, Again!

This happens to us every day when we can’t find the things we need. The car keys are at the top of the list of items that we lose very often. That annoying part of losing things is when you come to know about it when you need to use it. You are in a hurry and your belongings are out of sight again.

The following are the steps to find out your lost items and belongings easily and faster than the normal way. These steps are based on research and Human behavior. Follow these simple steps to find your lost items and prevent losing them again.


  • Calm down
  • Sit and think
  • Start from clutter places
  • Be disciplined while Searching
  • Prevention
  • Use Smart Tracking Device
  • Change Your Habits

Calm Down

The first thing you need to do after you realize that you lost your belonging is to stay calm. Research on human behavior says whenever ever we are stressed we only mess up things instead of solving problems. Also, when you are stressed you lose the ability to make good decisions. This is why it is advised to stay calm and say this to yourself. It’s okay. It happens to everyone. You can find it easily. After you start feeling normal head to the second step.

Sit and Think

Now when you are calmed down you need to think and make a plan. First you need to ask yourself a few questions. You need to ask yourself what you were doing last time when you used your belongings last time. Research says most of the time we find our belonging after we ask this question to ourselves. Because some people leave their item behind where they used it last time. If you cannot find it there. Ask one more question, was there someone with you when you used your belongings last time. Sometimes our friends or family members know where you placed your belongings. If you still can’t find it. Then you need to head to the next step.

Start from clutter places

Research in a university tells that the human eye naturally looks at clean places. This is the reason why you can’t find your belongings because you are looking at them in places where they are not supposed to be. You waste your time looking there again and again. You need to start looking at clutter places. People who started searching from clutter places found their belongings easily and faster than the people who started from clean places.

Be disciplined while searching.

When we are searching for something we don’t make a pattern. This results in a waste of time because you check one place 2-3 times. You need to be disciplined while searching. You need to make a map of your house in your mind and start from one place to another. This will save you time and you will be able to find your belongings easily.


As we all know prevention is better than cure. You can save your time by simply not losing your belongings or items. But can you do that? It’s simple, you need to develop some new habits. You need to add discipline in your life. The people who lose their items a lot are the people who don’t have discipline in their life. You need to decide a place for your every belonging. For example your cell phone needs to be on your study table when you enter the home. Your keys should be on the keys stand. Your bag should be near your study table. If you make a habit of placing things in special places you will never lose them again.

Use Smart tracking devices

Technology has been helping human beings for ages. Machines and gadgets are making life easier every day. There are devices that can save your day by finding your belongings for you. These devices are called smart Bluetooth tracking devices. They are very small and light in weight that it fits in your pocket. You can attach it with anything that you worry about losing. For example your keys, wallet, and bag.

Tracking devices work on the principle of Bluetooth technology. This device connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. And you can operate and track it with a mobile app. In this app you can easily check the last known location of your item. So if you have lost it you can check the last known location.it also sends separation alerts on your phone so you are always connected. It can be tracked from 100 feet away. For example, the Trackr pixel key finder has a range of 100 feet.

There are many best key finders on the market that you can buy. For example. Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Cube pro, Chipolo one, and TrackR Pixel. You can read reviews of these devices on Review Glory.

Remember. You can prevent losing your items by simply making a habit of placing them in their places. But if you are unable to do that. Use tracking devices to find your belongings whenever you lose them.


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