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Free Online Quran classes for Adults and Kids

Free Online Quran classes for Adults and Kids

Being Muslims, we all know the importance of learning and reciting the Noble Quran. Muslim parents send their children to a professional Islamic school, in a school, mosque or Imam’s house at an early age. Some parents hire a Quran teacher who comes all the way to their house to teach the Quran.

But there are many parents in this fast-growing world who are busy with their jobs or unable to find an ideal school or teacher for their child.


Some girls and boys are unable to complete the Quran in childhood or want to learn it again with intonation / Tafseer / translation.

Online learning is the ultimate solution for such children and adults to learn the Quran and intonation.

Now comes free classes online, offered by many sites around the world. Some are free and others are free for those who cannot afford and charge a reasonable amount of those who can afford it.

There are many advantages of learning the Quran online, which I will discuss below:

  • Flexible times:

Online classes give you the freedom to choose the time you want. There are fixed academic times in traditional institutes and conversely, one can take online lessons whenever and wherever via mobile phone, laptop or computer. Some people are busy graduating or having a job but want to learn the Book of God and time constraints, they can search for lessons online in their spare time.

  • Top teachers:

Having an online course also gives you an opportunity to smartly choose the teacher from which you will learn. You can get teachers from all over the world, and you’ll have to choose the best one for you. The teacher who speaks your language, matches your timing and pace, etc.

  • Easy entry:

Imagine sitting in the UK and learning from someone in South Asia. Interesting, international learning! looks good. Online learning is available to everyone and everywhere. Parents will not have to worry about leaving their children and adults, nor will they have to worry about traveling after work or high school to take their own Quran lessons. No matter you are in or outside the city, you will not miss your class as you can access it through your mobile phone, laptop or computer easily.

  • Selection course:

There are a variety of courses available online. Some people have already completed the Quran but they want to learn with an intonation so that they can go with coarse called the Quran with intonation. Likewise, some people want to read the Quran with meanings, others want to learn different styles of recitation, etc. Therefore, online learning gives you a broader picture and helps you make a smart choice about the roughness you will learn.

Read about the online lessons of the Quran.

  • Affordability:

Learning online is too affordable than traditional learning. Many websites also offer free Quran classes for children and adults, and others charge a very reasonable fee. If you can’t afford the fees, you can have free access, and if you can afford, there are different prices on different sites and you can get the package of your choice and affordability. Also, if you are a blessed person and can donate for the noble cause, you can do it as Sadqa e Jiraiya.


Are you a slow student? don’t worry about it The online Quran classes vary in length of the course. You can go with a course that matches your rhythm. If you learn fast, you can also get benefits, complete your course early, and take another course. Simple but surprising.


When you study online, there is no one to remind you of class times and deadlines. You will have to manage it yourself and it is a great opportunity to become more dedicated and motivated. When it comes to children, parents should make a calendar according to class times and let their children keep track of it for themselves. Once you learn how to manage your time, it will give you additional qualities of prioritization, decision making, strategic thinking and problem solving, etc.


Learning Quran online gives you the opportunity to discover different styles of recitation. On an online platform, you can meet teachers from different regions of the world. Since each region is unique in language and accent, a teacher from each region has a unique Arabic accent and a different style of recitation.


Too shy to ask a question during class? Online classes enable students to ask questions without interruption from classmates. Online classes generally have fewer students compared to traditional classes. Less interaction between students but more interaction between teachers helps students to ask questions freely, clarifying their concepts and helping to increase their confidence.

In the end, I want to say NO MATTER WHAT, recite and learn the Quran and be sure to help those who strive to preach the words of ALMIGHTY ALLAH. May Allah guide us to the straight path. Aameen



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