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Grow long healthy hair fast- my hair routine and tips.


Lead- Women want to grow long and luscious hair because it looks gorgeous and makes you look elegant. Take care of your hair whether you have naturally perfect Weave hair or not. Ladies can improve the quality of their hair and achieve that long hair of their dreams by following these 15 tips.

  1. Brush and make your hair blush!

Gentle brush

Brush gently using boar bristle and wide-toothed comb working your way from the ends towards the scalp to prevent hair breakage. Never brush your hair when it is wet because it breaks the hair strand. Brush your hair before shampooing to prevent tangling. 

  1. Get a masseur

Massaging your head daily improves blood circulation and helps grow hair fast. 

Massage in the shower or when you’re shampooing in gentle circular motions with your fingertips.

  1. Scissors appointment                                                                                                                                                Make sure to trim your hair every two to three months. It prevents split ends and makes your hair thicker. Trim your hair to prevent further damage and help your hair grow.
  2. Hey! Easy on the colors

                        Coloring hair

Coloring damages hair quality, it burns and makes your hair frizzy. Don’t damage your precious hair in the name of coloring. Your hair is not a canvas, stop shading it with colors!

  1.  Beat the heat

    Heat protectants for protection

To prevent damage, apply heat protectants before using a hair straightener or a curling iron. Style your hair the way you want but never forget to protect it. Protect your hair from heat and it will love and thank you.

  1.  Go easy on your shampoo                                                                                                                                          Less shampoo

Excessive shampooing can make your hair frizzy and dry. It washes the natural oils and gives you a dry flaky scalp. Shampoo once or twice a week to achieve beautiful hair. Dry shampooing is a great way to make your hair smell and feel good without stripping off its natural oils. To get bouncy hair, apply less shampoo and more conditioner.  Apply leave-in conditioners to retain moisture.

  1. Conditioners make your hair feel complete

           Conditioning hair with conditioners

Use conditioners to avoid tangling of hair. Use conditioners generously at the ends of hair and not on the scalp. Conditioners applied directly on the scalp give you dandruff. To avoid tangling while combing, use conditioners to smoothen hair. 

Bonus tip: rinse hair in cold water and get shiny hair.

  1. Pillow affair

                  Satin pillows for hair

Prevent friction by using silk covered pillows. Save your hair from getting caught and experience less tangling when you wake up.  

  1. Use a hair mask

  Prepare hair mask

Get quality hair and pamper yourself with a hair mask rich in essential vitamins. Nourish your hair by letting it soak in a quality mask. Leave it on for a while, wash it, and get luscious healthy hair that everyone is going to drool over.

  1. Feed your hair with natural ingredients

                         Organic shampoos

 Your hair shows what you put in it. Feed your hair with natural ingredient-based shampoos to get healthy long hair. Know your shampoo! Refrain from products containing silicon and parabens. They clog hair follicles and damage your scalp. 

  1. Drinking water improves hair growth

                        Drinking enough water

Just like a plant needs water to grow and thrive, so does our hair! Drink more water, less soda, and sugary drinks and make your hair grow fast. Hydrate yourself and get long hair.

  1. Eat healthily

Healthy diet

Want to take care of your long layered hair? Avoid eating junk food! Poor diet leads to hair fall and slow growth, making your desire of having long healthy hair only a dream. Switch to eating healthy foods that are high in protein. Eating right provides nutrition that helps in hair growth. Eat almonds, gooseberries, and fish oil to get luscious hair.

  1. Minimize stress

Stress makes you lose more hair. It is one of the contributing factors to balding. Decrease stress and increase your hair growth. It not only ruins your hair but also affects your mental health. More stress you go through, the less hair growth you will experience.

  1. Work it the hair way!

Exercise makes your hair grow faster. When you sweat your hair can breathe properly and absorb the nutrients needed for healthy growth. Get active, achieve long hair, and be confident. 

  1. Go cold on your hair.

                            Rinse with cold water

Washing hair with cold water seals cuticles and protects it from damage. Rinsing with cold water after conditioning is a great way to achieve shiny hair.

Conclusion– The way you treat your hair is the way it treats you. No one can get luscious hair overnight. Consistent hair care routines are needed to grow healthy long hair. Have patience, take care of your hair, and follow my tips to make it beautiful.


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