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How do I Style my Indique Clip-in Human Hair Extensions?

Indique clip-in human hair extensions are a fantastic way to revamp your look. They can be as easy to style like your natural hair and mostly using the same methods. The great thing about clip-in Remy hair extensions is that they can be styled before they are installed into your hair.

Read on to learn how to enhance the look of clip-in hair extensions with our styling tips:

Curling Your Indique Hair Extensions

With clip-in human hair extensions, you have the option to curl them before or after installing them into your hair. This choice depends on the wearer’s preference. Curling your hair when the hair extensions have already been installed can help them look more blended with your natural hair.

Curling wands are the best way to style Indique clip-in human hair extensions. It’s important to make sure the hair is clean and dry before starting the curling process. If you apply a hot tool to damp or wet hair, it severely damages the hair extensions.

Be sure to use heat protectants to minimize the damaging styling that may cause your extensions. If you want a tight curl, use a strong hold spray or mousse on each section before using the tool.

Using a curling wand is not the only method for curling human hair extensions. Here are some alternatives:

  • Flexi rods are foam rods that are wrapped around sections of damp hair to achieve curls. They are inexpensive and cause no damage to extensions because they use no heat.
  • Snail rollers are pieces of plastic that you loop damp hair extensions into using a hook. The roller tightens up, creating a curling effect once the hair is removed.
  • Try pin curling once the clip-in extensions have been removed from your head. Spray with a heat protectant and curl a section of hair with a curling iron or wand. Instead of pulling the curl out, clip it to your hair, so the curl stays together. Once the whole head has cooled down take all the clips out for vintage-inspired waves.
  • Braiding a simple yet incredibly effective way of making your hair extensions wavier. Apply a setting spray or mousse to damp hair, and then braid it into multiple braids. Leave it to dry overnight for the ultimate long-lasting effect.

How to Straighten Indique Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

Just like your own hair, it’s vitally important to use a heat protectant before using a flat iron. Alternatively, invest in a quality heat protecting serum for an extra sleek finish.

Look for flat irons that use ceramic, tourmaline or titanium metals. They will heat more evenly, causing less damage to the Remy hair extensions. They release negative ions in these materials to help to tighten the hair’s cuticle, producing a shinier finish. Avoid ceramic-coated irons as they will try out clip-in hair extensions.

Whilst flat ironing your hair, use the comb chase method. Run a narrowly toothed comb through the hair whilst straightening to stretch the hair extensions and ensure a smoother result.

Just like your own hair, Indique clip-in hair extensions can be straightened, curled, and styled. It is important you use heat protectants prior to styling your set of hair extensions. We also recommend using a low heat setting of 120C/250F. Whilst your natural hair can handle the high heat settings, it is constantly getting revitalized from the scalp, unlike Indique’s human hair extensions.



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