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How IV Therapy Really Cure Hangovers?

Vitamin IV therapy is currently a trend as it offers numerous benefits on the skin. From curing hangover to healthier skin to fighting jetlag, IV therapyDubai promises to solve variety of health conditions. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, can IV therapy really help cure hangover? Read on to know all about it IV therapy here.

Truth be told, vitamin IV therapy is nothing new. In fact, it’s been used in hospitals for years now. Rather, it is common to use IV therapy to administer vital nutrients and medicine to the patients.The intravenous route is the best and fastest method to deliver nutrients, electrolytes, medications and vitamins to the body. This is because it bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This stimulates faster recovery while restoring optimum hydration. It also boosts the immune system.

Within few minutes of IV therapy, it will eliminate hangover symptoms such as thirst, dry mouth, light and sound sensitivity, fatigue, headache, dizziness, etc.

How IV therapy helps with hangovers?

  1. Restores the hydration

Stating the obvious, hangover can lead to dehydration that can cause excessive thirst and dry mouth. IV Vitamin therapy can restore the lost nutrients and electrolytes thus relieving symptoms of hangover.

  1. Improves cognitive function

As alcohol is diuretic, it removes healthy nutrients from the system. This can cause low energy levels and dizziness. IV drip therapy can restore your cognitive function and remove the cloudy feeling.

  1. Fight headache

Headache is one of the common symptoms of hangover. Alcohol shrinks tissues in the brain that causes headache and muscle ache.

  1. Detoxifies the body

IV Vitamin therapy is enriched with nutrients, minerals, vitamins and electrolytes that flush out alcoholic toxins (produced by the liver) that can cause more hangover symptoms.

  1. More than just fluids

At times, simply drinking water a lot too much isn’t enough and you need to restore the lost electrolytes and nutrients. Moreover, drinking water does not help much in absorbing nutrients which you need to fight hangover. IV hangover therapy can replenish your body with the lost nutrients quickly which will help you feel energized and revitalized.

  1. Personalized approach

The one-size-fits-all method may not work for all as no two bodies function the same. Therefore, it is vital to choose an IV therapy that works as per your body preference. Our IV Vitamin therapy is customized as per your bodily requirements to give you the best results.

IV therapy in Dubai

We at Atelier offer you the perfect cocktail of nutrients, vitamins and electrolytes to fight hangover symptoms and keep you energetic all day.

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