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How to find the best RO service?

In this competitive world, finding the best water service is not easy. Multiple water filter companies offer different features. The features are so similar that you may get confused, which is the best RO for your family.

In this article, we will discuss the best features of RO Service, which you can consider while buying RO for your home.

Features of RO water purifier

Below are some of the best features which a water purifier must-have.

1. Multi-level purification

A smart water purifier must have a multi-level water purification system that can clean up all the water’s microscopic impurities. Nowadays, water purifiers have RO + UV + UV technology, which makes the task easy. If a purifier has an MTDs purification system, it will make your water purifier best.

2. pH correction system

There are many water purifiers in the market that use mineral cartridges to fix the water’s pH level so that you can get the purest form of water. Also, if the pH is balanced, it will help in retaining the natural taste of water.

3. Revitalizers

With the help of this functionality, molecules of water get restructured and also energize the water, which makes the water more hydrated.

4. Alarms

You should always buy water filtration systems that have alarms. Like, if the filter needs to be changed, it should beep so that you can get to know that its time to the evolving filters. Also, if there is any fault in the UV radiation system, it should ring an alarm.

5. Post carbon and Pre carbon filters

Post carbon and pre-carbon filters help filter the odor from the water and multiple in toxic organic compounds. If this system is present in your water purification system, it will be the best water purifier for you and your family.

6. Energy saving

You should always look for the water purifier, which helps you save energy and give your purified water. There are many purification systems available in the market which provides you with well-purified water. However, it may cost you a high electricity bill. So, you must always look for a water purifier that can help you save electricity and give you purified water.

7. Save water technology

There are many water purifiers in the market which come with the “Save Water Technology” tag. You should always consider buying these purifiers only because the purifiers without this tag, are not capable of saving the water, means while purifying the water, lots of water gets wasted.

8. High storage capacity

A good Aquaguard must have a functional storage capacity so that you can your family can enjoy purified water for a long time. The minimum storage capacity should be of 8 liters. And the purification capacity should be of at least 15 liters per hour.

9. TDS controller

A water purifier must have an inbuilt TDS controller. It should be capable enough to maintain a TDS level of 100 to 500, which is considered suitable for consumption.

10. Reliable brand

The water purification system you are buying must be from a reliable brand. If you are getting it from any local supplier, you may end up wasting your money as they may not provide a quality product. So always go for a trusted brand.

11. Customer care service

Always check for the customer care service. Check how responsive they are, because, in case of any emergency, you don’t want lousy customer support. Never buy a water purifier from a company whose customer care service is terrible, as you may end up banging your head here and there.

12. Services

Many water purification companies offer multiple free services when you buy a new water purifier. Some of these services are

  • Free installation of water purifier
  • Demo of the product
  • Free services for 1-2 years
  • Warranty of 1-2 years.

Above are some of the features you must consider before purchasing any water filter system. After viewing all these features, you can easily buy a sound water purification system.

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