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How to Find the Best Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most important things to consider when you’re going on a trip, whether for business or leisure. It is the same as driving a car with good insurance; you are secured and confident during your trip. If anything goes wrong, you have your insurance as back up.

To find the cheapest travel insurance in Hong Kong, below are simple guidelines in order to find one.

1. Coverage

First thing to consider is the insurance coverage for medical expenses. In average, an insurance company can provide up to 100 000.00 USD. Unexpected events such as getting sick, injured or having an accident may happen. Therefore, a good insurance coverage is necessary. Of course, greater coverage means higher cost.

2. Policy

After checking the coverage, go over the insurance policy thoroughly. Here, you need to look at the details of the insurance policy in terms of amount, events, or health care that they can provide.

3. Provisions

A good travel insurance plan includes the following:

  • List of countries around the world: A good travel insurance has a long list of countries that they cover. Better, check if your target destinations are in their official list.
  • Coverage for your gadgets: During your trip, accidents may happen and your gadgets like smartphones are prone to damage.
  • Coverage for injury and sudden illness: Know which injuries and illnesses can be covered in the insurance plan.
  • Emergency services that can be availed during your insurance period: This allows you to know which hospitals or healthcare providers you can contact.
  • Coverage for items: This may include lost or damaged possessions like baggage, jewelry or other valuables.
  • Financial protection program: Some insurance providers offer this in case the insurance company is in strife or goes bankrupt.

Finding the best travel insurance may take time but it is very important to have one. With insurance, you’ll have more peace of mind during your trip.



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