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How to get abs at home?

Ab Rollout using Yoga Ball

If you want to get ripped abs that will look fascinating & you want to make your core part, shoulder part & upper back strong & you want to make your muscles strong you are highly suggested to perform this exercise.

How to do Ab Rollout using Yoga Ball?

Keep a yoga ball in front of you & get into a kneeling posting quickly & make sure your body is stable.

While performing this exercise you should keep your spine strong & it should be in a neutral position & engage your abdominal part with your posture.

Keep your hands into the ball & press that ball. Until your forearms are touching the ball keep rolling in front of you & make a 45° angle in between your body & surface.

Just try to interlock your both hands on the top of the ball in case you are getting dis-balanced this will help you.

Get Back to the starting position again & use your hands to do so. Repeat the steps as much as you can.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a great way of burning some excessive calories & as a result you will burn some abdominal fat also, it’s also a great cardiovascular exercise.

Russian Twists are mostly famous for giving strength to our core area, toning our abdominal section.

 How to do Mountain Climbers ?

To perform this exercise first get into a push-up posture & support your body with your both hands & use your toes to balance your body. Make sure your both legs are extended & keep your arms straight.

Balance your core , keep shoulders strong & and both hands tight on the ground. Bring one leg towards your chest & take it back to first position.

Follow the same procedure & do it for your other leg & keep alternating both of your legs.

Russian Twists

Russian twists are one of the most convenient & effective exercise to get ripped abs. It mainly focuses our love handles.

How to do Russian Twists?

When you have finished doing mountain climbers go for Russian twists Sit on the floor, bent both of your keens & make sure they are at a angle of 45° with your thighs. Keep your feet flat on the ground.

Lean backwards & try to make an angle of 45° between your upper body & thighs.

Interlock both of your hands & keep them tight in front of your chest to maintain balance.

Rotate your arms with your palms interlocked from one side to other & repeat the same procedure for the other side & keep doing it as much as you can.

Double Crunch

This particular exercise is specifically designed to target your some body parts (stomach area) which includes your obliques, hip flexors, and rectus abdominis.

How to do Double Crunch?

Stretch your head up to your toe & to support your body lie on your back.

Core engagement is necessary in this exercise & also try to keep your hands & legs above the floor slightly.

Get into a hugging position by bringing your knees & chest together & keep your hand beside your chest for better support.
Repeat the steps simultaneously.

The Dead Bug

Don’t want to pressurize your lower back? Don’t worry this exercise will help you to gain strength in your core area without hurting your lower back.

How to do Dead Bug?

Lie flat on your back and keep your body straight.

Take your both hands up & keep them at an angle of 90° with respect to your body.

In order to keep your knees at an angle of 90° bring your both legs up.

Inhale a good amount of air & Start bringing your right leg & left hand down together.

Keep doing it until your right arm & left leg is placed slightly above the floor.

Get back to the starting position & repeat the same for other pair of keg & hand.

Yoga Ball Tucks to Pike

The pike exercise is Specially designed to target your abdominal & core area. While performing this exercise you will need a lot of strength in your shoulder, you need a lot of abdominal control to make a perfect inverted V position.

How to do Yoga Ball Tucks to Pike

Elevate your feet & get into a push up position on the ball.
Bend your knees & bring it towards your chest.

Raise your knees upward by tucking your hands under your torso.

Slowly take back your legs from over the ball & get back into the starting position.

After getting back to the position where you started, use your abdominal muscles & try to pull your hips in upward direction & make sure you are getting into a pike position (inverted V)
Keep your hips bent slightly, keep your legs as straight as you can and extend your arms fully to the floor.


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