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How to Get Into Deep Meditation With the Right Kind of a Cushion

In the route of my eight years of meditation exercise, I actually have examined diverse kinds of cushions to sit down on, which all have an effect on the mind of their specific manner. The effect they assert becomes the crucial element that determines whether or not the session will come to be a successor now not.

The simplest thing you could do is to just sit on a settee, and do a meditation that way. What I am speakme about in this text is the greater sophisticated procedures of doing all your meditation, a good way to permit you to enjoy it with greater sharpness.

Before we test the picks of the seating surfaces, I would like to point out the sitting positions that I use. The first one is the setup, in which you sit down and cross your shins, as a result finishing up searching like the statue of the Buddha. It differs from the lotus and 1/2-lotus position due to the fact you are leaving each of your ankles resting at the floor.

The second position is sitting together with your ft in the front of you, and having the knees raised to the peak of your chest. To set your self into a cushty posture you can interlock your arms on the front aspect of the knees, and pull your torso slightly ahead.

I additionally use in each sitting position the chest of the garment as a returned assist onto which I can rest mine returned. All in all, this makes up 4 seating positions that I cycle among in a spontaneous manner. I have observed these settings to be the first-class, which I get into at the same time as sitting on the ground.

Caution: do not sit along with your lower back resting on a chilly wall due to the fact it could come up with lower back pain and drain your adrenal electricity this is sourced from the pinnacle of your kidneys.

The cushion alternatives

During my meditation practice, I have tried sitting on a soft couch or a bed, even as placing my toes in the front of me or maintaining them in a go-legged function. What I discovered is that the tender settings distract your awareness due to the fact you are floating around slightly, and I trust that it maintains the balance center of the mind energetic, which leaches intellectual power and continues your thoughts from becoming energized and nonetheless.

After this awareness, I attempted the opposite take, which turned into sitting on a difficult cushion – a thin rug or maybe on corrugated cardboard. Those labored properly that allows you to shut down the balanced middle of the mind, and that they enabled me to get catapulted into a country of locked-in attention.

That changed into excellent, but the tougher surfaces had the disadvantage of creating the sensation of discomfort extra quickly, which forces you to shift your seating positions periodically, in any other case the buttocks will begin to throw off sparks. This in flip weakens the attention as you start to arrive at the factor of pain. Another problem that arises, when you choose a seating cushion this is too skinny, is that the ankles may even begin to experience pain.

The third floor I even have tried is medium in terms of softness: it’s far a rug that is a 1/2 an inch or 1.Five centimeters thick. It works perfectly, as you could hold any of your seating positions longer because the discomfort within the ankles and the buttocks takes place simplest after an extended sitting length.

In this article, I do no longer point out meditating whilst sitting on a tough stool without or with the backrest because in my revel in they’re now not that conducive to a successful meditation session. I also did no longer communicate about the specialized little timber bench or the gentle meditation seat that turned into the Tron film due to the fact I have now not examined them.

Reaching deep meditation

Aside from the right choice of meditation positions and cushion, right here comply with the opposite key factors that allow you to get into deep meditation:

To recap – the primary element become the proper setup – the kind of cushion you take a seat on.

The second component is ready for how your frame is ready. I even have found that you could take out the inner noise of the body with a session of complete body self-massage and stretching.

The 0.33 element worries your ability level – the quantity of exercise time you have were given below your belt, and whether you have got determined a running method for yourself this is able to song your mind into a tranquil country.


In end, out of the 3 cushions: the soft, difficult, and medium – the later works nicely because in either extreme, there are effects that disturb or wreck your awareness.


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