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How to Get Rid of Head Lice?

Do you think that you will face pest problems only in your house or office? You see many types of bugs crawling on your floor, kitchen counter, etc. But, have you ever imagined of having a nasty pest on your head? Yes, you are right it’s the lice. Head lice are very common problem for people but you shouldn’t allow the lice to have your head as their host to feed off of head louse. You will usually see your kids having head lice because they get it from other kids as head lice transmits from one person to another. And that’s become a real problem for you because then there’s a 100% chances lice will get transmitted to your head. So, you must start thinking of the things to do to get rid of these head lice.

If you are already searching for the tips and ideas to get rid of head lice this blog is right for you. Here you we have discussed the tips shared by the pest control experts to help you safely and quickly get rid of lice from your child’s head and out of your house.  But, before that you must know that what is head lice, how does it looks like and how it transmits from one person to another.

What Is Head Lice?

Head lice commonly found in the back of the neck and behind your ears and they can be of white, gray or brown color. They are round or oval specks that are tightly glued to hair and feed off another living body in order to survive. Their source of food is the human blood and they get it from our scalp. They cannot fly and can’t live in water for very long. When you bathe they cling to your hair strands to save their life.

How Head Lice Are Transmitted?

Head lice transmitted from one head to another through person or close contact. So, it transmits from head-to-head from infected person to non-infected person by sharing combs or brushed, towels or even while sleeping together can lead spread of head lice.

Now, when you know how head lice looks likes and also the reason of it transmit from person to person you should know the things you can do to get rid of them.

Personal Care

There are a few products available in the market that can help you in killing and getting rid of lice without harming you. Such products have pyrethroid based active ingredients that are good enough to kill the lice. But, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions written on the package. And also remember that it may take two or more treatment to see the complete elimination of lice and nits.

If the lice have been introduced to your personal belongings like towels, pillows, bedding, stuffed animal then you must wash them in hot water. And the item you cannot wash can be put into a plastic sealed bag, because lice cannot survive without a human host to feed off of.


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