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How To Hide Hashtags On Instagram?

Hashtags empower individuals to discover the content they love. They help you to make Instagram followers and arrange you deliberately made posts more discoverable. Moreover, it is a captivating path for individuals to locate your account and start following you. Thus to have users discover your record, you label enough hashtags to fill the word mean a short story.


Hashtags have become a standard language across social stages. They help associate us with other similar individuals. However, when the small image turns out to be excessively and too diverting, keep your post clean by covering up your hashtags.


Strategies To Hide Hashtags:

Instagram has at last brought back the subtitle and remark designing that permits you to cover up hashtags. You presently mustn’t have each one of those bothersome hashtags showed under your photograph!

By utilising two primary methodologies, your social posts will be less cluttered yet draw consideration from those using hashtags to find new substance.

Hide Hashtags Utilizing Word Processor:

  • Download a word processor for your telephone or tablet: There are stacks out there, from the Notes application, which comes incorporated into iOS, to famous downloads like Monospace, JotterPad, and Evernote 
  • Make five specks: Sounds bonkers, we know; however, go with it now. Type a spot at that point, press return. Rehash this multiple times. You should now have a flawless vertical line of sites on the left-hand side of your note. 
  • Rundown your hashtags: On the following line down, start your rundown of hashtags. Since these will be covered up, you can add the same number as you like, up to 30 altogether according to Instagram’s assignment. 
  • Duplicate everything: Copy everything on the note, including the dabs and line breaks. How you do this will rely upon your gadget, yet a long press frequently raises the duplicate choice on most telephones. 
  • Open Instagram and make your post: Load up your photograph or video and compose your inscription for it. Try not to incorporate any hashtags whatsoever at this stage. Post your post: Share your position with your devotees.
  • Add a remark: Click on the comments button for your post to add a statement. Glue what you duplicated from your word processor into this remark box; again, a long press will generally raise the alternative.


Hide Instagram Hashtags Utilizing A Caption Editor: 

Instagram has vast loads of apparatuses you can use to assist with your advertising endeavours. 

  • Use inscription manager: Utilise an inscription manager like Orlalarkin or something comparable. 
  • Typing: Type your whole inscription (counting hashtags and any space or line breaks) into the content box. 
  • Saving: Hit the “Convert and Copy button” to save the improved outcome to your dashboard. 
  • Past it straight into your IG post. 



We hope you have read the article thoroughly and understand both methods. By utilising any of these methods, you can easily hide your hashtags. But according to our suggestion, the second one looks better as it is too short than the first one. So, as a beginner, you can use it without any difficulties.


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