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Implementing a successful digital marketing campaign

People now readily access any information available on the web, any time of day through smartphones, tablets or through any multimedia device. Information is on the tips of any customer or potential consumer.

Due to this, more and more companies are now putting more effort to establish an online identity and digital marketing at the heart of their business growth plans.

In India, jobs in digital marketing are surging with rapid pace. Many jobs are listed on the tops job portals like Job Vacancy Result among other portals. People have started considering digital marketing as a career path to pursue and excel in.

According to a study, mobile advertising expenditure in the UK is expected to breach £1bn this year. This is a clear indication of how much digital marketing is important and how much more it will assume in the coming years. In India itself, many people are embracing digital marketing as a career. Companies across India want to establish a digital identity and for that they need digital marketers. By 2030, 99% of the world population will have internet access and jobs in digital marketing will assume unprecedented importance.

 If anyone wants to improve their digital marketing performance and implement an effective digital marketing campaign, they need to consider the following factors

1) Your Website

Your company website is the most important platform to increase your sales and capture your prospects with your products, services, advertisements, testimonials and other announcements – all of which help to increase your brand awareness and establish the brand.
Follow these tips for your website:

  • Ensure your website is informative, with a simple and intuitive layout, strong design, and most importantly, unique content.
  • You should also check on and monitor your competitors’ websites regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on a trend and utilize it to sell your product better. 
  • Add associations and accreditation, plus links to your social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and your blog and build credibility.

Your website is a cogent element of your marketing strategy and should form the spine of all your online and offline marketing and advertising plans – including brochures, events, online advertising, magazine advertising, and promotional items.

2) Your Branding

Your logo design, color scheme, and straplines must be appealing and must engage and interest your customers to encourage them to choose your brand over your competitors. It is useful to know the psychology of color, packaging and visual science to sell your brand better. If your brand cannot create the right impact, you can update your company logo by re-branding or by presenting your brand in a new manner through an advertising campaign.

A good example is Coca-Cola who personalized their bottles with people’s names. The campaign also really involves customers’ musical interests through their mobile app for this campaign.

3) Video Marketing

YouTube’s blog recently reported that they now have 1 billion unique customers every month and that 6 billion hours of videos is seen every month.

Video marketing is also an imperative part of your website and in the days of smartphones, digital cameras, and free video editing software. Videos can be embedded on your website and shared on YouTube Videos have the ability to demonstrate clearly which products and services any business can offer – most people will prefer to watch a short video than read a page full of text. Also, retaining the contents of a video is more easy than absorbing the contents of a long blog.

4) SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major solution aimed at increasing your website exposure on search engines. When your website has good SEO, you will rank high up in the ‘organic’ search results in Google. At the core, SEO is about ensuring you have a website with good content and with well-optimized pages and a lot of inbound links and social shares. The internet is a ruthlessly competitive place, and sans great SEO it is extremely difficult to get enough traffic to achieve high levels of engagement and/or sales.

5) Google Adwords

Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising known as Google Adwords will give an almost instant increase in your website traffic. As a method of advertising, it is quick, not rigid and measurable.

6) Social Media

The impact of social media is becoming even more prominent and powerful every single day:

Facebook has more than 2.6 Billion monthly average users.

Google + is becoming popular with 359 million monthly active users to a study. According to the Facebook Quarterly Figures Report (Quarter 1 2013), they have over 665 million users per day, with 751 million mobile (smartphone/tablet) users per month.

The 6 points above, encapsulate a successful digital marketing campaign and should be kept in mind by any digital marketer to flourish.


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