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Internet and Online Travel Services

After internet revolution in India and the easy access of Smart phones and Tablets had made us look into the internet for deal on literally everything.

And when it comes to online ticket booking like flight hotel and bus then everybody wants to get the cheapest possible price. And the different E-Commerce company which is coming up every day with a new style of discount and coupon are also serving the interest of the customer with collective offers which attracts them even more. Now the availability of almost every kind of things are on internet including chief bus ticket Hotel bookings air ticket. All the Online Bus Ticket is comparatively new entrant in the segment and it has more customer base across the country than many other mode of transportation. The interstate travellers like student always search for cheap bus ticket online and they prefer to book online it. Also the competitive life of the professionals who are working in Different cities and prefer in a different city with their family or friends don’t always get time to go for counter ticket, so usually they prefer online bus ticket and look for cheap bus ticket using many options like coupons and discount available online.

Road transport getting better

People travel because they want to carry out activities such as leaving working shopping and visiting friends and relatives at different locations. Developments in transports are relevant for several reasons. Firstly, without transport modern society would not be possible at all. Because no reasonable person would question the absolute relevance of transport, what matters more is the impact of changes in the transport system on changes in the economy of the wider society. Secondly, transport causes and negative impacts mental pressure safety impact and condition being the three most important negative impacts. Thirdly developments in transport Trigger policies in several areas, including infrastructure planning land is planning pricing policies and subsidies regulations with respect to safety such as maximum speed for the crash worthiness of vehicle or the environment. In last twenty years India has accomplished tremendous growth in the infrastructure sector with a priority on road development and the related services all along for the travellers like Petrol Pumps, Hotels, Dhaba and the emergency services required along the highways. Recently it has been observed that people even started preferring the road transport on rail and air just because it takes lesser time and comfortable enough to reach to districts level which is not possible in rail or air transport. And obviously enough most of them book their online bus ticket through different e commerce portals, because here they get cheap bus ticket with discount coupons

Travel: The needs, desires, choice and preferences of people

A part of people wants and needs has to be fulfilled at different locations like in the case of many young professionals and students. Of course wants, needs and preference vary strongly between people. For example young people prefer to go to pubs more than older people. Economists often relate this factor to income if someone’s income rise she or he may fulfil more needs, especially those that have a higher price. People with high income have more money to spend on holidays or for visiting the theatres.

In case of road transport they do get option to travel faster with luxury as the many luxury buses are in service across the country like Volvo, Mercedes etc. In road transport the frequency of buses and the door to door services is an added advantage, people are being dropped at the locations of their choice and even they are being picked from their comfortable locations according to their time. So in total it is preferable for many to travel through bus or road transport than rail or air transport.

So online bus ticket booking is gaining popularity among the travellers who are looking for cheap bus tickets.


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