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Invisalign and Kids: All You Should Know

You may have heard of Invisalign. It is a subtle teeth straightening option that uses a set of removable clear aligners to shift the teeth gradually into the right position, and it’s easy and greatly beneficial. Invisalign has restored the smile of millions of people all over the world and still counting. It takes care of a range of teeth problems, and its discreet method of treatment makes it all the more preferable.

Based on its great features, Invisalign is popular among adults who desire a nearly invisible treatment. But is it only adults that can use this option? Can kids also get Invisalign treatment?

Granted, Invisalign offers more advantages over conventional braces, yet kids are not the same. How successful this option will depend on several conditions.

Are you looking for Invisalign near me? Our practice offers this treatment. In the meantime, let’s show you the perks of Invisalign for kids, and what informs our decision to agree it is suitable for your kid.

The perks of Invisalign for children

  • Invisalign is not like traditional braces that cannot be easily removed once installed; it can be removed to clean the teeth. What does this mean for your child? They won’t have to adjust their regular oral routine significantly. Maintaining clean and healthy teeth and lowering the risk of gum disease and cavities is all they will do.
  • Since Invisalign aligners should be taken out before having meals, your child can eat what they want provided they brush, floss, and rinse their teeth and aligners afterwards. Also, Invisalign doesn’t interrupt daily activities. Your kids can go to school, play and have fun while the aligners are doing their job.
  • Due to aesthetic reasons and the fact that other kids might bully or laugh at them, children and young adults sometimes do not like braces, and they can feel self-conscious. This anxiety is eliminated with Invisalign clear aligners; subtle and unnoticeable.
  • Kids will sometimes find Invisalign less painful and more convenient to use since there isn’t any risk of broken brace brackets.

Now that you know how much your child can gain from Invisalign treatment, let us see what decides if your child qualifies for Invisalign. You can even discuss with your child, what kind of treatment they want. It’s important, as well as the dentist’s recommendation.

What we consider as important that qualifies your child for Invisalign treatment

Invisalign is good. But not everyone whether adult or in this case children can actually get this orthodontic treatment. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because children differ.

There are no specific criteria in our decision-making process; however, there are some factors we look at to know whether or not your child is a suitably qualified Invisalign candidate.

These things include:

  • The age of the child

For a kid to use Invisalign, there is no specific age that qualifies them. But teenagers and older children are mostly considered for treatment. Why? Invisalign clear aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours every day. Your kid needs to be mature enough to be able to wear their trays for this recommended hours without taking them out, dropping them in their bag, or leaving them on the nightstand.

Again, there is a way to check if your child is wearing their aligners for most part of the day. Each aligner is designed with a tiny blue compliance indicator that fades as your kid wears them. Keeping an eye on this indicator can tell you and your dentist how much your child is using their trays.

Should your kid be age-qualified, you can get Invisalign treatment near me to correct crooked teeth and other cases of teeth misalignment.

The position of the teeth

Children who no longer have baby teeth, but a full set of permanent teeth are typically recommended for Invisalign at our practice. We don’t give this orthodontic treatment to kids whose jaws are still developing or those who have serious tooth decay or problems.

Some parents may ask: should my child also have wisdom teeth as part of their permanent teeth to be considered? Your child’s second and third molars (called the wisdom teeth) don’t need to have erupted. What we do check is if their permanent incisors and first molars have shot out through the gum.

Typically, we perform an X-ray on the patient’s mouth to check the position of the teeth and how much space is required for the remaining teeth to erupt.

With all of these in mind, your child’s Invisalign treatment will go on hassle-free and comfortably.

What if your child is anxious?

It is quite natural for kids to have anxiety over this treatment; even some adults do feel the same way sometimes. But not to worry, our dentists are very friendly and understanding. They’ll calm your kid’s nervousness and carry out a seamless orthodontic work.

Where can your child get Invisalign?

Our aim has always been to select and deliver the best and most suitable dental treatment for children. So, if as a parent, you are considering Invisalign for your child, London Braces Clinic can lend a helping hand in giving you excellent treatment.

We are one of the most trusted private clinics in London that offer advanced orthodontic treatments for teeth straightening using different braces. With the use of the latest technologies and equipment, we offer top-quality treatments with an excellent standard of facilities. Our team of expert and dedicated dentists possess a special interest in orthodontics providing the best treatment possible to both adults and children alike. This makes us one of the best clinics for Invisalign treatment for your child and we also offer one of the most affordable invisalign Surrey, London, and nearby areas.

We’ll take you through our children-Invisalign recommendations and carry out an assessment to know if your child should get the treatment. For best Invisalign near me, you can bring your child to our clinic.

Need professional help?

You and your child might have multiple questions to ask about Invisalign. All you have to do is write them down and book an appointment with any of our qualified dentists.

Working closely with you, we’ll come up with the best way to handle your child throughout the period of their treatment. Keeping an eye on your kid will help the treatment to be completed on time. Call us on 020 37457520 today.

At London Braces, we have a team of premium orthodontists who provide quality treatments starting from routine dental checkup to advanced orthodontics for your teeth straightening with braces. We take care of your oral health and hygiene with the latest technologies and equipments to deliver standard facilities during the treatment. Being a reputed orthodontic clinic located in London, we use advanced technologies that consist of 3D computer imaging through low-radiation X-rays and soft-tissue lasers added with minimal pain for your comfort and convenience. You may book your appointment with our experts by accommodating your busy schedule with our extended opening hours facility.

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