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Kohler Standby Generators Are Long-Lasting

Electric power goes out unexpectedly for many reasons. The most common cause is the bad weather while the second most common cause is the old power lines. Many areas are congested and old. The power lines cannot take the heavy demand load which results in a power failure. In stormy weather, the gusty winds bring down the power lines and cause widespread blackouts. These blackouts cause millions and billions of dollars in financial damages.

On August 14, 2003, the electricity went out in a large area of the Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont, Michigan, Ohio, and Massachusetts were badly affected. More than 50 million people were left without power. The supply was restored within two days but in the meantime, the outage took 11 lives. The power lines had sagged into trees and turned off while other lines carried their extra load and the transformers tripped. It was a simple human error that was to blame. On September 8, 2011, a power outage left 5 million people without power from the west coast, east to Arizona, and from Mexico north to Orange County, California. Power was restored after 15 hours but the financial damage was estimated between $97 million and $118 million. To prevent economic damage a stand by generator is the best solution. You can run the business day as usual with an automatic generator on standby. It will continue to supply power to all your equipment at work so you do not have to suffer financial losses. Shops can remain open to serve their customers and the restaurant can continue to serve meals when they have a standby generator.

If you have the elderly at home you have to take care of their needs. They need the ideal temperatures to remain comfortable indoors at their old age. If you have kids they too cannot tolerate the extreme heat or extreme cold. For them, air conditioning and heating is a must. To keep the family healthy a generator is a necessity. Besides keeping the indoor temperatures ideal, the generator will also help with keeping the food fresh. Kohler standby generators are a favorite with the American families. Kohler makes very fine engines that are both quite and run in a fuel-efficient manner.

Kohler 20RESC 20kW 3-Phase generator costs only $4,342.00 and is ideal for your shop. It can run the equipment at the workshop more efficiently as compared to a single-phase Kohler generator. The single-phase models are great for homes. All Kohler models are designed to last longer and have good sound attenuation making them neighborhood friendly. With advanced voltage and frequency regulators, they are an ideal choice for modern homeowners that prefer the internet to run and monitor their devices and appliances. Kohler 20RESC 20kW has quick motor starting capabilities which makes it a preferable choice for cold climates. The model has a rustproof enclosure for durability. It is advisable to hire a licensed electrician for installation.


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