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Let There Be White: 4 Great Ideas for a Wedding in White

The color white has been associated with pristineness and piousness since time immemorial. And it is only natural that it should be incorporated in a wedding. After all, wedding is, perhaps, one of the most pious events in all our lives. So, this year, let white be the color of your wedding to make it worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Now, there are many wedding venues in Houston if you are looking for one. They specialize in carrying out your wedding décor suggestions and ideas in the most perfect manner without any kind of compromise. This enables you to make your wedding worth relishing not only for yourself and your beloved but also for your guests.

Here are 4 great white wedding ideas:

  1. White Bridal Bouquets: We all know that bridal bouquets are a very important aspect of a wedding. They stand as a symbol of beauty that a wedding symbolizes. So, in this case, a perfect wedding addition would be to have white bridal bouquets. Whether it be the bride who carries it as she walks in to take her wedding oath, or for wedding photo-shoot or any other way, a lush white bouquet can add the perfect pristine sophistication to a wedding. Choose from a long range of white flowers from Asiatic lilies and wax flowers to Roses and Alstroemeria, and much more.
  2. Just ask the staff of the reception halls in Houston and they will make just the perfect arrangement for you.

  3. White Ceremony Décor: Needless to say, it is the ceremony that makes the wedding complete. So, adding the color white to the ceremony décor seems perfect, isn’t it? And the first thing that comes to the mind when thinking about ceremony décor is floral arches. Floral arches tend to resemble the gateway to the perfect married life at whose steps the bride and groom take the oath of spending the rest of their lives with one another. A once-in-a-lifetime moment, it certainly qualifies having an all-white floral arch. For this, there can be nothing better than white flowers along with vines and bamboo to add the perfect rustic chic vibe to a lovely wedding ceremony. All you have to do is find out which reception halls in Houston TX let you opt for it and choose one accordingly.
  4. Other white ceremony décor you can opt for are such white bouquets at the entrance and even white petals spread alongside the walkway through which the bride shall come in.

  5. White Reception Décor: Well, a marriage remains incomplete if there are no friends and family around us to shower the blessings and best wishes. And herein comes the aspect of reception. Here too you can easily opt for a white décor. Be it the table linen, the chair covers, and centerpieces, and even dinnerware, there are many wedding venues in Houston that provide all these just the way you want. Try complementing them with glass centerpieces and tablescapes if you can. Even if you are not willing to have the table and chair linen in white, a white-flower centerpiece should be a must on your white-reception-décor list.

  6. White Wedding Cake: An intrinsic part of wedding celebration, a wedding cake seems to make everyone present equally responsible for the wedding’s fulfillment. And in this one too, you can go for the white. A pristine white cake with an elegant topper seems perfect. You can even opt for floral designs like rose, etc. There are many wedding venues in Houston that provide custom wedding cakes designed by the most well-known cake bakers and designers in Houston. All you have to do is choose your design and leave the rest to them.

These 4 tips are only a few among the numerous white ideas you can opt for, for your white wedding. However, these 4 tips can be said to be the essential ones if you want a wedding in white.


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