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List of all rounder flowers that serve more than just your garden beauties

If I asked you to brew that carnation flower you received in a bouquet into a tea, would you do that? Maybe not, because that sounds weird right?

This is because flowers are often seen as something that are used for just beautifying around. It is no doubt that flowers do make the surrounding look better and they instantly blaze up any place they are added to. That is why people plant flowers in their gardens to enhance the outer beauty of their house.

Today, I’m here to grab your focus on other advantages that flowers have. These beauties who are often restricted to outdoor gardens can actually do much more if they are brought inside the house. 

I mean just look notice, flowers as centerpieces at the dinner table, flowers in your dinner plate (don’t be shocked, I will tell you about those flowers as well), flowers to clean your indoor air, send flowers to Pune to show love, and treat human diseases as well. I bet you did not realise that these blooms were so multitasking even if you yourself have used them for all of the above reasons. Even if you haven’t, then here is a list of flowers that you can use for several purposes. 


No one is unaware of this gorgeous flower i mean just look at its size, can they even go unnoticed? No, because the bright yellow color and the giant size of this flower makes it a very prominent addition to your garden. But besides adding it to your summer garden, you can use it in the tea as it is greatly helpful in curing menstrual cramps and ulcers.

Also, sunflower seeds are loaded with minerals like phosphorus, magnesium and other vitamins. They help in controlling high blood pressure and give your healthy skin. Who would not want a healthy looking skin? Look forward to sunflower seeds. Also if you want to add a pop of color to some dull looking corner in the house, add a vase of sunflowers. 


I know seeing roses in this list is no surprise to you because rose is one flower that is used for many other purposes in many houses. As a child, you may have seen your mom make a thing called ‘murabba’ with petals of roses. Well, a rose pearl tastes a bit on a sweeter side and used in hundreds of dishes across the world.

Other than adding them in the cuisines, roses are an excellent product to be incorporated in skincare. Yes, this flower is a good source of vitamin c which is actually good for your skin. You can either consume it to gain the benefits or crush the petals to apply them on your skin. Not to forget that this bloom is the most preferred one in any bouquet. 


Whenever we receive an flower delivery in Delhi from anyone, there are very less chances that the bouquet does not contain this flower. You can say that carnations are a backbone of every bouquet and they are often added to any bouquet simply because they go along with any other flowers. But other uses of carnations include that they can be brewed into tea.

This tea has a capability of reducing stress or anxiety, if any. It also helps to reduce the agitation and fatigue which is the common condition prevailing nowadays. The flower also has a healing effect on the skin and can reduce swelling. If you are using it for tea, just remember to remove the base of the flower as it is bitter.  


Ever noticed those little blooms added to your bouquets with the foliage? They are very minute flowers often overlooked against the other beautiful flowers in the bouquet. But don’t go their size as this bloom is packed  with high benefits that they bring to your plate. What else they would be doing on the list.

So, other than acting as fillers, this flower is used to make herbs and used for medicinal purposes. This little beauty is used in skin care products. You get a wide range of skincare products in many brands that contain chamomile. This flower is also helpful in treating runny nose and sore throat. 

So, that is our list of flowers that can serve more than just being garden beauties. Next time you receive any of these flowers, you know how to make a better use of them.


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