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Mishka IVF Center in Jaipur- A Solution to Infertility

Being a parent is the best gift nature has given us, we feel our life is fully complete. But not every single one is much blessed to grab the chance to conceive, some of them face the infertility problems. Infertility will not only affect one health-wise but it can also affect one’s mental health. As infertility has become a frequent issue among the couples, different types of fertility treatment like IUI, IVF for infertility have raised hopes among the people.

IVF is one of the leading solutions for the issues of infertility, with IVF one can get the desired results. During the IVF process the best quality of eggs is collected from the ovary then are fertilized with the sperm, this procedure takes place in the lab, thereafter the eggs are implanted in the uterus for further process. There are many IVF centers conducting IVF but one of the leading IVF centers in Jaipur.

Mishka IVF Center

Misha IVF center in Jaipur provides one with outstanding facilities through which one can get the desired result. The environment in Mishka is extremely pleasant, the experts do not just look after the patient’s physical health, but takes care of their mental and emotional health too. Mishka is equipped with hi-tech conveniences for the IVF treatment. Mishka provides 24/7 services to its patients and the interior of Mishka is designed considering the patient’s comfort, it has a lobby where one can wait for their appointments.

Experts and Consultant of Mishka

Mishka has set out one of the finest teams, for the IVF process, they render the best counseling to their patients. After undergoing one’s past medical history the doctors decide as to which treatment is suitable for the couple.

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari

She is right now the director of Mishka IVF center in Jaipur and an excellent doctor in the field of  Obstetrician/ Gynecologist and is a gold medalist in her respected arena.  She had finished her  MS (OB/GY) from BVDUMC, Pune, she had achieved her  Fellowship in Assisted Reproductive Technology from Mahatma Gandhi University. Furthermore, she has practiced in Clinical Embryology, Chennai Fertility Centre, and Research Institute, 2017. She is also a part of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI), Member of Indian Fertility Society (IFS), Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR).

Moreover, there are other members of Mishka who also help patients in dealing with their issues and get better. Dr. Chirag Bhandari who is the best sexologist in Jaipur covers the persons who are suffering from male infertility. Another expert Dr. Rekha Bhandari, who is the director of BHRC and a laparoscopic surgeon is also a helping hand for Mishka. Although, Dr. Jyotima Saxena, (obstetrician/ gynecologist, consultant, IVF specialist) and Dr. Mahi Khandelwal, a psychotherapist together make a great squad.

Provision of Services

In Mishka, one can acquire numerous services as Unfertilized eggs and sperm, Cryopreservation of embryos, Frozen embryo transfer, Fertility preservation for cancer patients, IVF, IUI, IVF-ICSI. High-Risk Pregnancy Care, Laparoscopy Advanced Hysteroscopy, Gynae Laparoscopic Surgeries, Laser-Assisted hatching, Blastocyst Transfer, Fertility services and assisted reproductive technologies (ART), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and so on. Mishka with its remarkable capabilities fulfills the most desired dreams of the couple.

Treatment Expenditure

In Mishka IVF Center in Jaipur, to cure infertility one can opt for diverse infertility treatment, like IVF, IUI, Surrogacy as to which the cost varies accordingly to the treatment. If a couple chooses IVF the cost will be 1,10,000/- to 1,50,000/-, on the other hand, if one goes for IUI the charges maybe around 20,000/-, furthermore, if the couple prefers surrogacy then one has to pay approximately 1,50,000/- to 2,00,000/-. Before deciding any of the above treatments one should consult the doctor as to which treatment is suitable, the consultation fee of the doctor is 500/-. Sometimes the patients decide for IUI treatment due to its low cost but most preferably IVF is the superior treatment for infertility. 

Success Rate 

With its elevated techniques, Mishka has turned out to be most eminent amongst the other IVF centers. In a short brief period of time, it consists of a  well known leading IVF center in Jaipur. Mishka gives hope to all the couples dealing with infertility problems and successfully accomplishes it. Mishka with its latest technology and supremely talented bunch of experts has treated patients who were suffering from severe disease of infertility, single-handedly with maximum favorable results.

Location of Mishka IVF Center 

The address of Mishka IVF center is  138-A, Vasundhara Colony, Gopalpura Bypass Road, Tonk Phatak, Jaipur. It is quite handy for the people who live nearby and it is also smoothly accessible to the distant patient. One can reach there by any modes of transportation, be it private vehicles or by any public transport. 

Contact of Mishka IVF Center

A person can easily make appointments by calling on 06378288806 or can schedule it by going on to their website https://mishkaivf.com/. The working time for Mishka IVF Center in Jaipur is Mon-Sat from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. In case, a patient wants to meet a doctor for an emergency then this fertility clinic is open 24*7.

 Feedback of the patients

Self-care and support are very much important for an IVF patient because its the most exciting yet demanding for them. To be careful about yourself and by avoiding risky elements can make your IVF process a better and lucky one.


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