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Need To Know 5 Mistakes That Can Reduce Your Perfumes Life

Has your perfume begun to smell a bit off lately? Your favorite strong and intense perfume has begun fading faster. Or there is a hint of tint in the bottle. If the answer is yes, your perfume might be losing its power. Several common mistakes can reduce the longevity of the perfume. It can be due to your perfume-using habits or the way you store it. It is not possible to reverse the damage. However, avoiding these mistakes is crucial for the life of your perfume.

Here are the top 5 common mistakes you need to avoid while using perfume,

Keeping it in the bathroom!

When perfume is the thing you need to apply soon after taking bath, it makes sense to keep it in the bathroom. It is common to place it under the washbasin or on the counter near your shower. What if we tell you, your Bomb Shell Perfume is dying slowly in the bathroom. The humid and hot environment is a slow perfume killer. You might love taking a hot steamy shower at the end of the day, but your perfume does not.

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Instead of keeping the perfume in the bathroom, it is safer to keep it in the refrigerator or even your cupboard. The humidity in the bathroom can denature the alcohol in the perfume breaking down the molecules. Keeping it in a cold, dry and dark space will preserve the scent.

Spraying it too close to the skin!

Do you spray perfume keeping it too close to the skin or in long sprays? Well, this might not be affecting quality of the perfume, but it will indeed affect the quantity. Spraying the perfume by keeping it too close to the skin will make you spray more than needed. Luxury fragrances like Bombshell perfume come in a small bottle for a reason.

Since they are highly aromatic, you need just a small spritz. Keep the bottle at a distance and spray. This trick will help in covering a larger area in one or two sprays. Quick and small sprays allow the perfume bottle to last for a long time. Luxury perfumes are often expensive. Using them sparsely will make them last long.

Rubbing the perfume!

Some of the fragrance users rub the scent to dry it down or absorb it into the skin. They also do this to disperse the perfume on both the wrists evenly by rubbing them together after spraying on one wrist. This seems to be a common and innocent thing to do but what if we tell you that rubbing the perfume can reduce its life. Perfumes are created in layers, each having its own time of release.

Rubbing the perfume will merge all the layers, releasing the scent molecules together. Instead, try to let it dry down naturally and do not rub it in any way. Superior quality perfumes with less alcohol takes time to dry after spraying. Perfumes that evaporate too fast are not good and contain higher volumes of alcohol.

Not spraying on hair!

This might not seem necessary however it can change the game for you. Spraying perfume on the hair can help in enhancing the aroma as well as make it last for a longer period. Your hair behaves just the way skin does, absorbing the perfume molecules and holding them for long. However, your skin perspires, but your hair does not.This helps in enhancing the aroma of the perfume. If you are stepping out for a long day, this trick can come in handy a lot. You will get a lot of attention for smelling delectable.

Not paying attention to the type of perfume!

If you have been purchasing perfumes without reading or knowing what type it is, it is time to start doing it. Several types of perfumes are there having different essence concentrations. The higher the essence concentration the longer it will last and the better it will smell. So, keep this in mind while buying perfumes. Fragrances like Eau de parfum and parfum oil contain the highest perfume essence having more than 15%. On the other hand, Eau de toilette and Eau de colognes have 5-12% and deodorants contain only 1% essence.

All of them may seem very usual and common in day-to-day lifestyle, but they can cause damage to your perfume. Apart from all these, there is one more mistake you might be doing and forgetting to put the cap back on the perfume. Leaving the scent without the lid will expose it to the air, causing the perfume to evaporate and finishing the bottle sooner than you expected.

Try avoiding most of these lifestyle habits and you will see the results instantly. Your perfume will smell better, last longer, and even get you compliments from everyone around. These minor changes will improve your perfume experience!


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