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Nintendo Switch Lite and Switch 2019: features, tests, prices and tips, everything you need to know

In March 2017, Nintendo launched the Switch and revolutionized the world of video games in its own way. If this console does not technically compete with those of Sony and Microsoft, it is distinguished by its hybrid side

it can be used as both home console and portable console. With the Switch, Nintendo has offered an unexpected return. Building on its success, the Japanese launched new versions of its console in 2019. The Switch Lite is a more compact model that can only be used as a portable console. 

The 2019 Switch improves some weaknesses of the very first version. Which of the last two models to choose? What sets them apart? On this regularly updated page you will find the technical sheets, tips and full test of these two products. 

Where to buy Nintendo Switch 2019 and Nintendo Switch Lite at the best price?

Buying a Nintendo Switch 2019 right now is not really a good idea since the various brands that sell it do not make any discounts. Worse, the console of the Japanese company is displayed at a higher price than when it was launched.

Nintendo Switch 2019

Nintendo Switch 2019

According to Techyguide The Nintendo Switch 2019 takes up most of the technical data of the old generation but differs from the latter thanks to its autonomy. 

While the first Nintendo Switch of the name offers between 2.5 and 6.5 hours of autonomy, the Switch 2019 can display between 4.5 and 9 hours of autonomy.

Where to find the Switch Lite at the best price? Exclusively portable, this model is more affordable than the hybrid console. 

Like his two sisters, it is not tomorrow the day before that its price will plummet. No good plan is currently available, the Nintendo Switch Lite is awarded a crippling price at most online stores.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch lite

those who want a affordable & more “portable” version of the Switch, Nintendo offers the Switch Lite. More ergonomic, this model is suitable for nomadic play. As a result of this, the Nintendo console is devoid of detachable Joy Con.

What differences and what do the Switch 2019 and Switch Lite have in common?

The Nintendo Switch Lite and Switch 2019 do not differ so much in their data sheet but rather in their concept . As often, Nintendo first thought of use rather than performance. Thus, the Lite was designed as an exclusively portable console , while the Switch 2019 adopts a hybrid format (living room and portable). 

For better mobility, the Switch Lite is therefore more compact and lighter. Above all, the joycons are completely molded into the overall design. Impossible to detach them on the fly as we can do with the Switch 2019. We must also accept to do without the return of haptic vibrations on this portable model. 

The Switch Lite is also not compatible with Nintendo Labo, these small cardboard accessories on which you can fix the Switch. Finally, the great strength of the Nintendo Switch 2019 is its autonomy, better than any other version.

The competitors

The entire Switch range does not really have direct competitors. Some will say that the PS4 or the Xbox One are rivals of the Switch 2019, but can we really oppose them? 

xbox one

Sony and Microsoft consoles are exclusively for the living room when the Switch can be carried anywhere. As for the Switch Lite, it has no other competitor than the Switch 2019.

sony play station

The real rivals may well be smartphones . Some brands like Asus have completely transformed certain so-called gaming models (ROG Phone 2) into small consoles. With services like Google Stadia or Apple Arcade , competition from the mobile is becoming stronger. Still, Nintendo has successful licenses like Mario, Luigi or Zelda, among others.

What we think about it

With the Switch 2019 and the Switch Lite, Nintendo makes two very different proposals . The 2019 Switch promises to improve one of the big weaknesses of the first Switch of the name: its autonomy. 


It offers 4h30 to 9h play time against 2h30 to 6h30 for the first version. For the rest, it is identical in all respects to the first Switch: same screen, same hybrid concept, same design, etc. 

The Switch Lite is thought of as a portable console. If it is labeled Switch it is more in line with 3DS and Gameboy. More compact and lighter, it integrates the joycons directly into the case. Impossible to place it in the Switch dock to play on a TV, impossible to attach Nintendo Labo accessories

the Switch is a portable console, period. The Japanese did not neglect the technical aspect, however. Apart from a smaller screen and less battery capacity, the Switch Lite has all the technical advantages of its big sister.


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