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Save Energy for a Better Tomorrow

Most people are familiar with terms such as energy conservation, efficient energy usage, global warming, carbon footprint, and the greenhouse effect. What they lack is specific knowledge of the difference and significance of these terms individually. Very few people can point out what the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency is.

We all know that using up nonrenewable sources of energy such as fossil fuel, oil and coal will leave us with limited resources of energy in future. Therefore, it is necessary to switch to unlimited energy sources such as sunlight, water, and wind.

Energy conservation refers to the reduction in energy consumption for every individual, entity or group, whereas energy efficiency is to use the same resources of energy in a more efficient manner to derive more energy out of the same amount of resource.

Here are some easy-to-follow steps for everyone to conserve energy and use it in a more judicious fashion:

Energy Efficient Electrical Appliances

Switch to energy efficient light bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs provide the same level of light compared to incandescent ones but consume much less power while doing so. For those who do not appreciate white light in their surroundings, the CFL bulbs come in yellow as well.

Thermostats are important for any electrical appliances, especially for refrigerators, air conditioners and heaters. They save energy when the appliance has been set to a certain parameter by the user by avoiding overdrawing electricity unnecessarily.

Efficient Travelling

Instead of buying a car to go to work, take the subway. This will reduce your carbon footprint on the planet considerably. You can practice a carpool service while dropping off and picking up your kids. Take turns with other parents to take this responsibility on a daily basis so that every parent does not need to drive a car to run their kids around the city. Use electronic motorized vehicles such as smart cars or CNG powered ones to save on car fuel.

Enterprise Energy Management System

Use the enterprise energy management software in your office to keep track of real-time electricity consumption so that you can use energy more efficiently and conserve it at the same time.

Reduction Of Carbon Footprint

Every person or organization must strive towards reducing their carbon footprint on the planet. A carbon footprint refers to the volume of carbon dioxide emitted by the entity via their activities. There are parameters used to calculate this footprint and steps that can be taken to reduce it. Using energy efficient technology at home, reconstruction buildings by incorporating renewable sources of energy such as solar panels and hydro electrical units are some of them.

Replacing Non-Renewable Energy Sources With Renewable Ones

We all know how the reserves of nonrenewable sources of energy are depleting every day at an alarming rate. Unless we do something to change our lifestyle and switch to energy efficient activities and use alternative energy sources such as sunlight, water power and wind energy, there will be nothing left for the future generations to use.


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