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The Beginner’s Guide to Link-Building

Why link building discussed so much on the web, the simple answer of this question is when you launch a new website on the web nobody knows about that to show up to people the new website and bring some people to our website we spread link here and there, so that people know us and our brand and our presence on the web.

The next question arises why link building is so important and that is a valid question the newbie blogger asked until they get the answer to this question.

Why Link Building Matters

The search engine work on a set of rules they are human they are machine or software working according to the algorithm, and there are some ranking factors that are essential that determine which site or blog to show on the first page when someone searches the particular keywords.

The simple goal of Google and any search engine to show up the best result on the web so that the user can get the answer to their question or solution to their problem.

And search engine do its work through the voting system, who has the maximum vote will get on the first page, and to collect those votes we get a backlink from different websites through different mediums that is called a backlink. In simple words, we get a connection from different sites.

Some Steps to Earn Links Naturally

You need to establish your website a worthy one so that your website can earn a natural link, you need to follow some steps that are an essential stepping stone in the process.

Keyword Research

The keywords research is the first step that will be considered your content should be crawl while someone searches for the related keywords. Which is your targeted country or language, and which type of audience you are targeting.

Keyword research play a vital role to rank in Google, people who know how to do right keyword research know well which keyword is profitable for them and on which keyword they are going to rank, they pick the keyword accordingly, that save their time and effort that we are going to put to build link.

A keyword determines the future or holds the capacity to change anyone’s life. Before choosing any keyword we should spend some quality time to find a better keyword.

Content Marketing

Your content should be of better quality, if not that the case another website won’t have any good reason to link to your website. Sure if your website having some great piece of content the other people going to add on their website, from this you will get a natural backlink. And the natural backlink in the content is great in terms of SEO perspective.

Other people want to link to your website for that you should have a great piece of content they have a solid reason to mention you here. High-quality content always likes by people.
Everyone knows that creating backlinks is a tough task and time consuming, but that gives you the opportunity to connect with your targeted audience. When you provide high-quality content regularly then your audience comes again and again to consume.

Content Promotion

There are so many media sites out there people are unlikely to stumble across your content without you putting some effort into making it easy to find. When people find your content in the search result, that is the best thing for any blog to drive targeted traffic, you know what search engine ranking comes only when you put effort to acquire it and helping your readers.

You make a strategy or plan to show your high-quality content to your targeted users. That could include social media sharing, email campaign or paid promotion, and in relevant forums.
For a newer blog, it is some difficulty but a consistent effort to make your audience. When your content doesn’t have much authority the new people hesitate to share it but it takes some time to adjust.

Spread In PR Industry

The PR industry helps your brand or blog in front of millions of people that way you get some popularity, and your brand becomes known among them. With this stunt, your brand gets coverage in media, and on a number of websites often with links, in a short span of time through media coverage you get millions of audience.

By working with a PR agency or in-house PR strategy you will find more opportunities in front of people, which will be a good boost to give your website higher ranking and sales.

Relationship Building

In the online industry or any industry building relationships with people in the same industry is a great way to establish you. You know it takes effort and time but that worth it in the long run and to create a brand. The whole industry has grown up this way. Figured out the way to make a connection with the influencers in the industry.
To build a relationship you have to become a social presence that is very important in brand building and help that in the future in a big way. When you are the authority in any field it is easy for you to grow faster.

Some Common Link Building Strategies

When you have enough quality content on your website and good relationship with people in the industry now should start some great link building practices

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a good way to create backlink through guest posting this is a win-win situation for both the person you are getting backlink by giving fresh content in exchange. You are sharing your valuable information for their audience you get a backlink that is equally beneficial to boost ranking in the search engine.

Broken Link Building

This is another tactic based on a lot of research you provide the value to the website owner and he will go to offer you the backlink in return. You know the broken link is harmful to decrease the ranking of any website; you help them to fix that broken link.


You know this little guide will be helpful for newbie blogger in some level to achieve their link building plan; link building is the part of this game and your authority make this process simple and easy in the journey. Making a connection is an ideal way for both parties.


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