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The One Stop industrial Guide To Wet Scrubbers

Australia claims a large scale of environmental protection globally. Clearing and controlling dust and fumes is handled by large industries and companies to provide safety, security and quality to the workplace with the help of dust and fume extractors. Wet scrubbers are also dust extraction system designs that are intended to clean dust and fumes in the environment. There are different varieties of wet scrubbers that are available in the market. However, the collection efficiency of the wet scrubber is entirely dependent on the amount of energy applied to the dust and fume particles through a scrubbing action. There are several designs used to achieve varying levels of efficiency during implementation.

Most scrubbers run on venture principle

Wet Scrubbers
Wet Scrubbers

Most scrubbers run based on the venturi principle that helps promote a turbulent contact along with mixing of the dust and fume particles in water. With the right industrial wet scrubber variety, you get an advantage that there is very low-risk processing of incendiary gases. In addition to that, these can also handle the high temperature.

Understanding wet scrubber systems

There are many designs of wet scrubbers that use high velocity wetted water sprayers for specific applications. After all, these extraction systems can be specifically designed to suit your workplace or your requirements too.

Under this principle, dust and/or fume particles are sucked into a rotating fan, when a fine nozzle spray mixes with the molecules and directs them onto the fan, thus creating a turbulent mixing action. This mixture is then accelerated through a venturi system where once again the mixed water is treated with additional sprayed water, causing the venturi to create a turbulent contact with the dust and fume particles.

A sudden expansion in the wet scrubber system once the venturi restores the static pressure guides the water to a separation chamber.  Liquor concentrations are drained from this chamber periodically through a diaphragm valve, thus maintaining the water level.

Benefits of Wet Scrubber Systems

Here are the basic benefits of using a wet scrubber to rid of dust and toxic fumes in your industry:

1)         The wetting factor cools down hot fumes and gases, thus requiring a compact extraction system.

2)         Since the extractor runs on a wet principle, there is low chance of a fire hazard or explosions. Moreover, the water coagulates with the toxic flammable particles and renders them safe to dispose of.

3)         There is a large drop in the temperature and volume of the unsaturated exhaust stream thus making the entire system more compact.

Thus these wet based scrubbers are indeed a boon to the industries for treating and resolving air pollutants and the like. Another asset to using this model of the extractor is the presence of an outlet gas component which helps the coagulated droplets from escaping the scrubber. Based on the theory that these wet design systems are far more efficient, there are six types of scrubbers.

–           Chemical or gas scrubbers

–           Ventura or Particulate scrubbers

–           Chlorine-based scrubbers

–           Ammonia-based scrubbers

–           Dust or particulate scrubbers

–           Sulphuric Acid-based scrubbers

Wet Scrubbers
Wet Scrubbers

You are more prone to finding wet scrubbers in industrial uses wherein pollutant reduction is of big concern. For instance, petroleum refineries, acid manufacturing plants, chemical processing units, metallurgical industries like steel, etc are high users of wet scrubbing systems. With such large benefits, these extraction systems are economical solutions to Australian industries. A dry scrubber for any industry is good but they cannot achieve the same level of clearance ability that you get to find while using the wet scrubbers. Water absorption of the contaminants are highly active in case of wet scrubbers and you get to see the best work output when you have the wet scrubbers for commercial use.

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