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The Ultimate Guide To Foscam Fi8918w Wifi Camera

I have a jewelry shop. I have not used the camera in the past few days because my business is not too big. But bypassing the I will get the more profit and my shop goodwill is increasing in the market. Now, my Jewelry business is expanding. In my shop every type of jewelry like gold, diamond, or more. In this time to protect my jewelry shop from thieves, I will purchase a Foscam Fi8918w WiFi Camera. In-camera uses the latest technology to secure your connection. This camera I use at any time in any place through the mobile phone.

The Foscam Fi8918w camera connects with WiFi. It properly works digitally. Through this camera, you will secure your mind. Its main use is to secure our homes, offices, business, etc. Through this camera, I will secure every corner of your securable area. Using the app, Foscam Fi8918w setup and login are very easy. Below, I give the ultimate guide to the Foscam Fi8918w WiFi camera.

Login of Foscam Fi8918w WiFi camera

To access the Foscam Fi8918w camera login page through the internet protocol camera tool, google chrome, firefox, safari, and another searching browser. Open the web browser type in the address bar camera IP address and double click on it. After searching the IP address, on the computer window automatically appears a Foscam Fi8918w camera login page. Enter or type in the username your camera admin username.

It again asks for the username and password of the Foscam camera. Complete the camera login credentials. After some time, the computer screen displays a device status, a live video, and a device management window of the Foscam Fi8918w WiFi camera. Tap or click on the live video option and now, you will see your Foscam WiFi camera live video.

Setup of the Foscam Fi8918w WiFi camera

Plugin in your camera in an electric socket for the Foscam WiFi camera setup. Now ensure that your camera is properly working. If your camera is working then it shows and views the images. If you will wonder about the Foscam Fi8918w WiFi camera setup here I explain all the steps of camera configuration.

You have to first, log in to your camera. After accessing the login page enter the username and blank the password box. To complete the login credentials Follow the screen instructions. Once done, do the Foscam Fi8918w camera setup. On your pc, the screen window appears as a setup wizard option. It will show several types of questions like enter your country name and click next. After that, set the name of your Foscam WiFi camera and tap on the next option. Also, choose the time zone of the Foscam camera. If you wonder about your camera daylight saving account then find the option and set it up according to your need or tap on the next option. Now, you will connect your camera with the WiFi network. If you want to connect your camera with the network scan the WiFi and enter your WiFi password. After completing the installation process the windows shows a Foscam fi8918w setup without a cd confirmation message. Now, the camera installation process will be complete and you will change the setting according to your need.

More information about the Foscam Fi8918w WiFi camera

The Foscam cameras connect with the router’s network. If you want to Foscam Fi8918w camera setup using the app then download the app from the google play store. Once done, launch the Foscam app. After opening the app, create an account using the app. To connect the WiFi network through scan the QR code on the camera. Complete the window instructions for the Foscam camera setup.

If you want to reset the Foscam camera press or hold the reset button. In a few seconds, leave the reset button back and go into the factory default settings. You have to first turn on the power of the Foscam Fi8918w cameras before the reset. After the, you will reset your router without any effort.


It is designed for local and remote objectives such as home or office security surveillance. This camera firmware also upgrades by clicking on the firmware update option. You will also refresh your camera. It presents the cameras refresh list manually. Through the IP camera protocol option, you will get information about the latest version of the Foscam Fi8918 Wifi camera. Foscam WiFi camera setup and login process are very easy instead of others.


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