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Top 10 Trending iOS Apps Every Developer Should Know in 2020

Advanced technology will never stop to wow us with its incredible features. In the iOS app development realm, tremendous disruption is happening across various areas. From apps powered by the IoT all the way to cloud-integrated apps, AR, and VR technologies entering people’s homes, the future of iOS app development is brighter than ever. In the lines below, we’ve put together 10 core iOS app development trends that will dominate over 2020.

1. VR & AR transformation

Already present in gaming and retail, both VR and AR are iOS app development trends that highlight the immersive power of real-time experience and innovation. Well-known brands like Gap and Ikea have been implementing them into their iOS applications to drive sales and increase their ROI. By the end of 2020, it is estimated that more fields will jump on the VR & AR journey. To increase user trust and near-life experiences, increasingly more developers are open to learning the technology that lies at their core.

2. Core machine learning goes mainstream

In the past few years, Apple’s CoreML has managed to gain a lot of attention from users eager to build smart apps across various Apple devices. Siri, the Apple phone’s camera, and even QuickType are apps integrated with CoreML. Sooner or later, Core machine learning will go mainstream as more developers acknowledge its power when building customized iOS applications.

3. Swift 5 programming

Upon the release of Apple’s Swift 5 programming language, the company is highly engaged in using it for business purposes. The language features a stable ABI (application binary interface) as well as binary compatibility, meaning that Swift libraries can be integrated with existing and future versions of Wearable OS, iOS, MacOS, and TVOS. From a developer’s perspective, they will no longer have to include the libraries previously mentioned as they’re a lot smaller and easier to develop.

4. IoT & Wearables

Among other trending iOS apps, it’s worth mentioning the IoT as well as adjacent wearables capable of interconnecting all mechanical digital, and other computing devices. By the end of 2020, we estimate that have nearly 30 billion interconnected devices. Considering the rising popularity, iOS app developers will have to work their way to harnessing the power of these tech stacks to develop apps that face the most advanced technological advancements.

5. Cloud-based iOS apps

Cloud-based technology has proven to render incredible perks and opportunities mainly because it enables companies to store massive data volumes. Since the cloud is one of the most reliable ways to store data and access it in real-time from any device, app developers and users can leverage the associated benefits that come with cloud integration. Apps can be accessed without having to be installed on a device, not to mention that for developers the process of app development becomes simpler, faster, and more convenient.

6. Apple Pay rises to stardom

Mobile wallet usage has reached an all-time high, meaning that increasingly more consumers prefer to pay with their smart devices rather than a credit/debit card. Thanks to Apple’s skilled iOS developers, Apple Pay is revolutionizing the payment process becoming one of the most trending iOS apps on the market. The mobile wallet application is the perfect payment gateway, and it is estimated that it will increase by a massive 200% by the end of the year.

7. App security reimagined

For iOS application development, cybersecurity is paramount. Apple is well-known for taking all measures to ensure security, meaning that the developers will become more dedicated to including security features in the starting phase of the development process. Following the release of iOS 13, the integration of App Transport Security (ATS) in every iOS app is changing the way app security is viewed on iOS by the whole world.

8. Enterprise iOS app development

One of the most crucial iOS app development trends is related to enterprise-oriented development. Not only does it provide outstanding user experience but it also excels at providing excellent productivity and improved security. That’s one of the main reasons developers prefer iOS – because it provides highly scalable app development capabilities.

9. Super smart Siri

Apple’s brilliant developers will never stop to amaze us with their capacity to improve embedded Siri apps. When AI enters the scene, Siri becomes super smart: it can not customize conversations and make them more natural and real than ever.

10. Big Data to the rescue

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that big data can accelerate the whole iOS app development process. By the end of the year, big data integration is poised to enable developers to build scalable, robust, and incredibly powerful iOS apps that don’t just skyrocket app growth but also speed business growth and productivity.


It can’t be denied that new tech stacks in mobile app development are impacting every market, sector, and niche around the world.  Whether you’re ios app developer Houston or in any other state in the US, one thing’s for sure: to get ahead of the curve and stand above the competition, you must know what’s trending and what’s not.



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