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Top 5 Safe Places to Visit in India

India is a country rich in cultural diversity and traditional norms and there is no turning back once you have experienced the allure in the wind of the beautiful travel destination it offers. You will be captivated to discover every mile of your journey, whether it is the blue wave of the Arabian Sea or the white burst of snow from the mighty Himalayas.

India is home to 300 cities and numerous other small villages; in this regard, a crucial question arises in the minds of tourists: which part of India is safest to explore? Although it is challenging to gauge approximate or quantified values for safety, the approach is complex but not impossible. Therefore, our team has collectively compiled five safe places to visit in India.


Painted in the green leaf of tea, Darjeeling, the Queen of the hill station, is located at an altitude of 6710 ft above sea level. The land has a charming plantation of tea and is loaded with a fresh wind. Whether you are a solo nature lover, or someone who is around to unwind with close friends, or a honeymooner, the place is absolute bliss for all. The majestic range of Kanchenjunga has earned the title of Queen of hills for Darjeeling.

We are humans and live for the experience. Our soul craves for something offbeat every time. Darjeeling offers unique toy trains that run amidst the exquisite valleys, elegant mountains, and enchanting meadows to satisfy the equivalent urge of the tourists. So what are you waiting for? Book your Darjeeling Gangtok tour package with us right now!

Valley of Flowers- Uttarakhand

There is something undetachable about the flowers, it does not just confine around the spellbound fragrance, but you also get to learn a powerful lesson of “keep blooming” no matter how intense the storms are. With these values comes a dream to rest on the bed of petals amidst a lane of two flowers. The place Valley of Flowers located in the Garhwal district of Uttarakhand may help your dream come true. Charmed by the striking beauty of this place, UNESCO has listed it in the exclusive list of the world heritage sites.

If you are looking forward to seclusion or spending quality time out of your busy schedule, the place is for you. While trekking, you will explore abandoned areas, diverse species of flora and fauna, etc. we ensure that the sublime beauty of the air will stay with

Munnar- Kerala

Munnar is a spacious hill station with a blooming plantation of tea. An exotic town situated in the western ghat of Kerala. Guess if you want to seek solitude outside your regular coursework, the place has plenty of things to offer—the extensive chain of mountains, the carpeted emerald green pine trees, and the surrounding jewelled in mist.

This beautiful location has plenty of homestays, resorts, and cottages for accommodation. You will get to witness women workers’ top-notch passion and patience towards their role in the tea field. Here you would come across the subtle yet raw flavour of humans, places and mist together.


If you want to explore something from the colonial era, the elegance of /European architecture, and colourful streets, Pondicherry is a place for you. It is also one of the safest tourist destinations in India, where you can fearlessly wander alone or with Family. One could not get enough of the panoramic beauty and pleasant ambience of this place.

Among all the activities, you will love shopping at the renowned street market, which is Grimes with beautiful jewellery, handicrafts, home décor, and so on. Unlike other destinations, Pondicherry is not limited by “best time to visit” borders; you may pay your visit whenever convenient for you, regardless of the season.


If you want to get away from your Mundane lifestyle, Manali is a worthwhile place to consider. You will be intrigued by the scenery. Manali caters to every type of travel mindset, whether you are a photographer or a solitude seeker, with streets, roads covered in snow, a local market, and, most importantly, tranquil mountains in abundance to satisfy both the appetite for photographs and the need for tranquilly.

Aside from that, Manali offers the calming melody of the river, waking up to the peaceful dawn opening your favourite book while simultaneously losing every inch of yourself in the breeze. So don’t put it off any longer; schedule your trip with us right away!



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