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Top Historic Landmarks of Morocco for Lively History Buffs

Free up yourself from the hassles and gear up yourself to breathe in the bounteous land of African Morocco With Virikson Holidays . This North-African haven of Morocco has always succeeded in standing out atop among the bucket list travel destination.

For many years, millions of fun craving visitors have come back with a fullest thumbs up from their planned Morocco excursions. From the swarthy Sahara dunes to craggy Atlas series, bustling city souks to tranquil turquoise beaches, swanky riads to super soothing hammams, Morocco is the name of beauty bounty and endless joy.

This hospitable space of generous African life doesn’t make you disappoint, no matter what sort of world roamer you are. If you are a crazy sporty, go hike at Atlas. Stuff yourself in souk, if you are a born shopaholic.  Being a crazy soul, then never mind to dive in the rushing Atlantic currents. If you are bored, then meet with the beach sun of Agadir, where the sun-kissed sun lounger is calling you to kill your boredom.

If you are no one from the above category persons, then I am sure, you are a reticent or a history buff for sure. Say yes, even if you are not, because I am going to unfold such historic sights of this breath-taking Morocco, enough to refresh your history love and broaden your vision.

Top Historic Sites of Morocco

After a thorough expert research of the beatific historic attractions of Morocco, we have squeezed in this stuff all the matchless historic attractions of Morocco. These attractions never ever fail to melt your heart away with the outclass artistic constructions, and amazing locations.

The Saadian Tombs

Besides the ever buzzing Marrakesh souks, the enchanted façade of the historic Saadian Tombs is another beauteous highlight of the Marrakesh city. This outstanding landmark is a truest epitome of the organic Islamic architecture. This amazing location flaunts the series of sculptures and mausoleums that were once the resting places of the almost sixty rulers of the Grand Saadi Dynasty. The great Saadian Rule is regarded a very commemorated rule in Moroccan history.

No matter with whomever you roam, the stop by this historic house would never make you waste your time.

Telouet Kasbah

The Atlas hiking expedition is not a must for weak-hearted ones. But to miss this historic heaven is surely a miss. The soul-stirring views of this Moroccan Kasbahs would definitely serve as an enthralling experience for your eyes and mind.

This exotic fortress lies on the caravan route over the Atlas to Marrakesh. This exciting Kasbah location makes up your journey to fortress another jovial adventure.  This Kasbah also cheers up the Muslim history geeks when they get to know that this worth-seeing Kasbah is the former seat of the powerful Muslim ruling family of El Glaoui who ruled the area for around late-nineteen and early 20th century.

El-Badi Palace

It is another masterpiece remains of the grand reverent Saadian Dynasty. The scenic ruins of this palace are located at the center of Marrakesh.  Although you can feast your eyes with the Palace ruins, but you must be amazed to know that, this ‘once grand Palace” took almost 25 years in its completion. This swanky historic space once used to flaunt around 350 rooms, courtyards, gardens and a large pool.

No doubt that it was demolished. But the visitors still get enlightened by the attention grabbing highlights including the sunken gardens, its underground passages and the Koubba el Khamsiniyya or “main hall”, which has fifty columns.


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