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Top Orthopedic Surgeons in Lahore | Best Orthopedic Surgeons

What you should know about the quality of Top Orthopedic Surgeons in Lahore before the appointment

We consult orthopedic surgeons whenever we face any injury or bone-related issue. With the increasing age, our body tends to shows a lot of issues especially those related to bones like arthritis and so many similar ones.

Orthopedics is one of the most sensitive and important fields of medical science. It requires a very high level of skill and knowledge with updated information. Luckily, Pakistan has a considerable number of highly skilled orthopedic surgeons and physicians. Most of them are well educated and are doing justice with their jobs. You only need to choose wisely.

Before going to an orthopedic surgeon or physician in Lahore one should know the following personal and professional attributes of the surgeon to ensure that they would get premium quality treatment.

Good qualities of orthopedic surgeons?

Bedside manner:

Bedside manner is the way of communication of the doctor to his patient and is one of the most essential attributes of any successful surgeon. The doctor should be very polite and cooperative with his patient. The orthopedic surgeon’s expertise is very important but without bedside manners he cannot do his job properly. It is very important to make the patient feel relaxed during the consultation process and in case the doctor is taking him for surgery.

Hand-eye coordination:

Normally, orthopedic surgeries are very complicated, multiple procedures and machines need to be operated during surgeries. So, a doctor’s hand-eye coordination must be perfect. Their expertise is very important because orthopedic surgeons normally required to use a surgical knife to cut skin and even power saw and drill.

Communication skills:

Medical terminologies are not easy to understand for everyone. So, the doctor must describe to the patient the whole situation in layman language. If he is recommending a surgical procedure, he should be able to describe the whole scenario; what complications may arise during or after the surgery.

Surgeon’s experience and academic background:

Before going to an orthopedic surgeon, you must ask about his qualification and educational background, whether he is qualified enough or not. One more important thing is certifications, how many of them he has earned, and from which institutions? Certifications will show you the number of training he has taken to increase his or her expertise. The orthopedic surgeon’s experience is just as important as his educational background. It is imperative to ask how many procedures he has carried out before yours? What is the success rate of surgeries carried out under his supervision?


In case of any orthopedic problem try to seek an orthopedic surgeon who is more dedicated to his profession. He should be flexible in his time frame and schedule. He should be willing to invest enough time to address the patient’s problem as per each case. If the patient needs a doctor’s attention in case of any emergency at any time, the doctor should be able to visit him. To put it into a nutshell, we can say that how responsive he is on duty calls.

Advanced technology:

In today’s world technology is involved in every part of everyday life. A good orthopedic surgeon always tries to seek to learn the new advancements in surgical techniques instead of resting on old methodologies. Advanced technology does not only help a surgeon in diagnostics but also treatments.

Realistic approach:

Best Orthopedic doctor will never ask you to invest unnecessarily in different diagnostic tests and surgical procedures. He will always try to elaborate to you why he is conducting the surgical procedure and what will be the effects of surgery. A good doctor always tries to explore all possible means to treat a patient.

Ability to stay calm:

It is very important to stay calm during the operation for both doctor and patient. Operation theater is not a simple place to work. It is the most complex and volatile in the hospital. The doctors’ can’t work there without a good team and controlled nerves. The doctor should be enough cool to handle any unfavorable condition.

Physical strength:

The physical health of an orthopedic surgeon is very important. They must have enough strength to hold heavy equipment during surgery. Good physical strength is also required to use the power saw to cut the bones.

Question every patient should ask before surgery: 

Every patient should ask the following question whenever he or she visits an orthopedic surgeon:

  1. A patient should always ask about the success rate of surgeries that the surgeon has performed to date.
  2. How well equipped their operation theater and labs are?
  3. It is very important to ask about the cost of the procedure.
  4. What will be risk factors if you don’t have surgery?
  5. How many follow up visits will be required after surgery?
  6. What kind of complications can arise during or after the surgery?
  7. What kind of anesthesia will be used?
  8. A patient should always ask about alternate means of treatment.
  9. What are the signs of complications after surgery?

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