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Using tests to increase the conversion of your site

In the beginning of 2010, when the landing pages were filled with RuNet, Internet commerce began to grow at an incredibly fast pace. The business realized that it was urgent to rebuild and create its presence on the World Wide Web. Services began to appear that allowed even an inexperienced user to create his site literally on his knees. It would seem that you need a successful start? Just create or order yourself a landing page according to a well-developed scheme with pictures from stocks, the mood for advertising campaigns and put the girl to process incoming applications. ALL!


At that time, this tool showed a phenomenal conversion: 30%, and in some cases, much higher. It was a time when it was very easy to start on the Internet with a relatively small advertising budget, get a lot of applications and make good money on it.


Landings proliferated at an incredible speed and became similar to each other. The same pictures from stocks, almost identical texts and descriptions of unique trade offers. As a result, the conversion of this tool began to fall. This led to an increase in the cost of applications, including due to higher rates at advertising auctions.


At this time, new services began to be created and arose – various lead magnets, widgets in which it was possible to “live” chat with a site visitor, feedback forms, and so on. And it seems – that’s it! A tablet was found, the drop in conversion was stopped, although it was not returned to the initial rate of 30%. However, all these pop-ups began to unnerve visitors very quickly. Now they are usually simply closed, as if driving away an annoying fly. And so that this does not happen, that the offer in such a window really interests the lead and leaves its cherished contact, the site owner has to be very inventive.


At the end of last year, I was approached by one of the funds that provides training for aspiring entrepreneurs on state programs. The fund suggested preparing and conducting a workshop on quiz marketing. Before that, I had not even heard of such a direction in marketing, and I was wondering what kind of beast this is. Moreover, just at that time I was working on creating landing pages for my company. And the issue of low conversion of this tool really bothered me.


Having dug up the Runet and finding a sufficient number of different examples, descriptions and services that use this technology, that time we try geek web solution SEO service. I came to the conclusion that is working and very interesting. And most importantly, it was fresh enough almost not common on Runet. Yes, I wrote above that I found many examples and services, but this is a drop in the bucket relative to the total number of sites existing in the Internet space.


So what exactly is quiz marketing?


This is marketing based on a potential customer passing a test – a survey. As a result, we get a questionnaire from which we learn the preferences of the client and his contacts, through which we can communicate with him and sell our goods or services.


The instrument, at first glance, may seem corny simple, but this is not entirely true. After all, to build the right scenario of questions so that it would be interesting to go through is rather difficult.


In general, the scope of quiz marketing is quite wide. Starting from the usual game tests, which increase the activity on the site, and improve its performance for better search engine results, to presenting your products and services through questions and answer options for them, with further collection of contact information.


There are also many options for integrating quiz marketing in business. These are separate quiz-landings that generate a stream of leads; and quiz blocks embedded in the main large site. Quizzes also work well as separate article materials, which are more and more often posted on information sites. But everyone has one goal – to get a user’s contact through which in the future it will be possible to contact him, set up a newsletter and so on.


Why is quiz marketing useful?


If we talk specifically about sales with the help of quiz marketing, then it helps to identify the needs of a potential buyer, and to familiarize him with the product that we can offer him based on his needs.


Let’s remember the classic 5 steps of sales:

  1. Making contact.
  2. Identification of needs.
  3. Work with objections.
  4. And the conclusion of the transaction.

Quizzes help at all these stages. With the correct construction of a branched scenario of questions, we will be able to classify the client, find out from him what he is interested in in our product or what kind of product he is interested in, what is important for him to make a purchasing decision and so on. Also, through questions we can tell him about the features of our product or service and even justify its cost, because one of the most common objections is “expensive”!


The most interesting thing is that with the help of quiz you can increase the conversion of not only the site / landing into applications, but also effectively increase the conversion of sales staff. Indeed, at the first contact, managers will ask much less questions, because, together with the contacts of a potential client, they will have a questionnaire in which they will have a lot of useful information, starting from which they can conduct a more effective presentation of their proposal.


A bit of arithmetic


Suppose you have a website / landing page that converts visitors into orders with an indicator of 3% (average for the market). That is, out of 1,000 visitors, we will receive 30 applications with contacts of potential customers.

These applications go to the sales department, where managers begin to work with them. On average, 10% of these 30 leads will be transferred to the order, and this is only 3 customers.





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