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Watching my favorite prime shows with D-Link extenders

Ever since the boom of the internet age people have looked towards more and more convenience and accessibility. This started with recording tv shows and movies to watch later. It then evolved into buying CDs and DVDs and later storing it on pen drives and other devices. This meant that the technology to stream and watch our favorite content was also evolving. So all of this coincided and developed parallel to the internet. It was a haven for all sorts of things and due to its increasing popularity and convenience people resorted to using it more than anything else. In the current era, there are many streaming apps and channels which offer a wide range of content.

A big contender of them is the prime video which I use to watch my shows. But in order to watch them, I need a good internet connection which needs to have a low lag. Moreover, it also needs to have a high speed to avoid buffering. Unfortunately for me, I have a great connection but my router is terrible and offers an uneven range. This results in a terrible experience whilst streaming. So I decided to get an extender that could fix all of these issues.

Introducing the D-Link extender that is designed to suit the needs of everyday people. It is configured to provide the best experience straight out of the box. It is quite cheap and affordable and therefore can be purchased by anyone easily. It also works great with most of the routers old and new. It has a terrific design and builds that is durable and easy to handle. The best part of this is the quick setup through the dlinkap.local link which can setup and configure the extender in a matter of minutes.

The extender setup

Well if I’m being honest the setup isn’t complicated at all and that is all due to the convenience provided by the dlinkap local setup link. It has all the settings and modifications related to the extender that is designed to make the whole experience very smooth. I myself took only 10 minutes to complete the installation but if you are someone new then don’t worry the setup is pretty intuitive. All you need to do is to look at the setup instructions and you are good to go. To setup there are two ways and they are the browser setup and WPS setup, both of which are equally easy to do.

To setup via the browser setup go to http dlinkap local by typing in the hyperlink in an internet browser and then login using the credentials given, then click on the scan option and select the router and connect to it by entering the password. Once that is done wait for the extender to establish a connection. This process is similar to the WPS setup as well but to setup via WPS you need to press the WPS button on both the router and the extender and wait for some time until the extender establishes a connection with the router. This concludes the setup.

Notable features and troubleshooting

This extender is like many others but offers more ease of use and convenience so it also has an AP mode which you can use to setup a different access point and this AP can be used by only the people you choose. So the extender can go from repeater mode to AP mode thereby acting as a separate hub but utilizing your router’s internet. This feature is among the most notables ones.

This extender may need to be reset with extended use as it may incur some bugs and issues or the typical case if dlinkap.local not working which happens when the extender is not properly maintained. To fix this you need to reset the extender properly and to do that press the reset button at the back of the extender and wait for the device to reboot, then set it up again. Also, make sure to update the firmware on the device in a timely manner so it doesn’t create any other bugs and issues. To do that visit the hyperlink mentioned above and do it from there.


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