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When Can The Landlord Increase The Rent & The Ways Of Dealing With?

The landlord has the legal right to increase the rent. If you are the new renter, then it can be possible that you don’t face the hike in rent but this is something every tenant can face that at least once. So, having information about it will be highly needed. You should know about how much amount the renters can do and other terms of the same can be different and if you want to know about it, then here the article is for you. Read it and get information about the same.


If you are in the contract for a fixed time and no term is there like the landlord can’t increase the rent, then the house for rent Severn MD, can be increased as per the landlord’s preference. But if there is a clause, then till the time, the lease tenure will not over, the landlord will not claim for more rent.

Month to month agreement

When you will be in the monthly contract, then the risk of hiking the rent will be more. As the tenure will end every month, so they have the right to increase it by giving some days’ notice. How many times, they need to intimate that will depend on the state laws. So, get the information about the same, and you should be prepared for changing like that in terms of rent. But this is also true if you don’t get the written mail on your preferred connecting mail address, then you can deny paying the same. If the Severn property management companies intimates the same but no written document is there, then you also can’t pay the same. So, keep this thing in mind and if all rules are followed, then you have to pay the same.

Rent-controlled apartments

If you are part of the apartment where rent is controlled, then the landlord can’t just make the hike in the same. For it, the process should be done through law and if their application is approved by the concerned department, then the hiking will be possible. So, the risk to face any hike automatically will be less in this section as well.

Now, you have the information that when rent can be increased and when can’t be. At the same time, you should remember that depending on your race, sex, or for any other reasons, rent increasing will not be allowed. If they give reasons that the property management Severn MD will be costly when children are there and so they increase the rent, then also this logic will not be valid. So, keep this in mind and if any from those are stated as the reason for the rent increased, then simply stop paying the same and can show the laws in support of your claims.

How to deal with the illegal increase

If you are the person who never breaks the rules, not having the pets or not allowing anyone to stay with you without intimating the landlord and still the rent has been increased for the better property management Howard County, then you can take the legal action and you will get the profit of the same as well.

But, in case you break any rule and for the same, the rent is increased, then you can be evicted and this situation you should calculate and think are you ready to take the eviction? The costing and other things for the shifting will be feasible, or you are okay to pay the increased rent. Compare all and then take the call. If the hike is for having the pet, then you may ask to do the increase in deposit amount instead of increasing the rent.

Things to do in the legal hike

When the landlord does it as per the rules, then the only way, you have that will be a negotiation. Talk with the landlord, tell your situation and also try to show the benefits he or she has if you continue as the renter. You should tell them how hard to find a good tenant like you who give the amount of rent on time, create no issue, and always provide the support that every landlord needs. It can be possible this trick works and you find that relaxation from increasing the rent. Along with the same, don’t forget to compare the hike as per the market and more. But this is true if market rent is more and you are not hiking the same for years, then it will be good to allow the hike.

Well, you have information about different situations. Surely, it helps you to deal with the same. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with others and help people to handle the situation well.


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