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Which Reason The Jamaican Food So Popular Among People?

If you have traveled some parts of the world and explored various cuisines, you might have heard about the Jamaican cuisine. It is one of the most amazing cuisines with a variety of dishes prepared in the choicest of spices. The flavors explode in your mouth, and you are left wanting more.

What makes Jamaican food so unique is that it has derived influences from various ethnicities. As a result, you find different recipes and flavors dominant in the wonderful cuisine.

If you live in Maryland or happen to visit it, you will find restaurants  that offer authentic Jamaican delicacies. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Jamaican dishes that you must try:

  • Patties

The Jamaican patties are different from what you might have had in other parts of the world. They have a crispy, thick outer layer, and the filling is spicy and delicious.

You can get both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian options as they are stuffed with meat, fish, and vegetables. You can try them all to find your favorite.

  • Jerk Chicken

It goes without saying that when you try Jamaican cuisine, having jerk chicken is a must. It is a unique grilled chicken with amazing flavor. The meat is first marinated in spices overnight and then grilled on a slow flame for hours.

The meat is spicy yet tender and delicious. It is so popular that it has become synonymous with Jamaican food.

  • Curry goat

The next most popular Jamaican dish is the curry goat. The dish is as it sounds, goat prepared in a curry.

The curry is known to be quite spicy but still tolerable. Moreover, it is loved by people who like spicy food. The meat of the goat is so tender that it separates from the bone.

  • Jamaican ackeed and saltfish.

Ackee is a Jamaican fruit and the national fruit of Jamaica. However, it is not a proper fruit; the way tomato and avocados are called fruits. Most people love this dish. It is cooked in a pot with tomato, onion, chili, and other spices. This dish is so versatile that you can find it at breakfast as well as at dinner.

  • Rice and Peas

This is one of the most common side dishes full of protein. ‘Peas’ is a Jamaican name for Kidney beans. It is cooked in coconut milk and has a tropical taste.

  • Plantain

Plantain is another popular dish of Jamaicans. It is delicious, and people savor it as a side dish. You can have it as chips served as a snack, which is deep-fried or boiled. It is a nice addition to any platter of Jamaican meal.


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