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World’s Top 7 Saltiest Destinations

You’ll probably agree that the sea is the saltiest place on Earth, well, that is mostly right. Two-thirds of our planet’s surface is made up of water, and 96% of Earth’s water is in the ocean. It consists of thousands of billions of tonnes of dissolved salt. 

However, the saltiness deviates. Around the poles, ice and snow dilute the salt, while closer the equator evaporation implies that the water is saltier. But did you know that there are places on Earth where you can find water far saltier than the sea? Even the Dead Sea is only the fifth saltiest body of water on Earth! 

The Dead Sea 


This is the lowest place on earth and considered as a natural wonder of Israel. Remarkably beautiful while being a uniquely entertaining spot for a swim; its extremely salty water has such great density that you’ll find yourself exceedingly buoyant. If you plan to visit this wonder, you may want to bring your personalised swim cap to protect your hair from getting super dry! 

Aside from the beach, a beauty you must also explore if you love hiking is the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and at the area’s plenty of modern mineral spas featuring treatments that came from the sea’s rich resources. 

The Don Juan Pond 

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Did you know that Don Juan Pond’s waters in Antarctica are 44% saline? This is actually not a sea but the word “sea” is utilized a bit freely. In fact, it denotes a large body of salt water that is partially enclosed by land. 

Its rocks at the water’s edge shine with crystallized sodium chloride where the sun evaporates the water. It’s known to be the world’s bottomless hypersaline lake, expanding the depth of 1,080ft (330m), and is largely known as the lowest point on land. The shoreline measures up to 1,380ft (420m) beneath sea level, but the water level does change. 

Although it has been diminishing in recent years, BBC UK says that Israeli geologists believe it will stabilise instead of completely “die”. This is why in the future, the Dead Sea may mimic the world’s truly saltiest body of water– a pond. 

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine - Poland Attractions | SeeKrakow

The Wieliczka Salt Mines, located in Krakow, Poland, was long an area of the industry but they are now an underground cathedral renovated with sculptures, lagoons, chandeliers. They even have the labyrinth of chambers that serve as everything from nightclub to the resort-style lodging of their Hotel Grand Sal. 

World’s Single Largest Salt Mine (Goderich, Canada)

Union says Goderich salt mine strike 'not about the money,' but ...

The method that this salt mine is using is called “solar salt production” where it relies on salt-water ponds being evaporated by the scorching heat of the sun. This somehow becomes a factory-made process compared to the natural process they do in Bolivia, making man-made salt flats that can be harvested. 

The single largest salt mine in the world is in Goderich Canada. Compass Minerals runs this mine, reaches a depth of 1,800ft (549m), tall as Toronto’s CN Tower, and stretches for 2.7 square miles (7 sq km) and creates 7.25 million tonnes of salt annually. 

You can find it on the edge of the Great Lakes which is the secret to it’s productivity. There is a big, ancient source or salt below the area, which expands under the Canadian border into the north-eastern US. It is the relics of a prehistoric sea from around 420 million years ago. 

Norway’s SALT Festival 

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If you ever plan to visit Norway, try to attend their SALT festival and pour out all your sweat in the world’s biggest sauna. The festival is a year-long recognition of the culture of Norwegian life as it includes film screenings, dance music, and most importantly the picturesque environment of the sea meeting mountains under the aurora borealis. 

Hotel Palacio de Sal

Hotel Palacio de Sal, Colchani, Bolivia - Booking.com

Did you know that Hotel Palacio de Sal allows you to sleep in salt rooms, where the rooms are built by salt? But don’t try to taste the rooms! The salty environment actually provides a restorative sleep and it’s also part of Hidalgo Tours so you’ll get to access the local guides of the area’s wonders. 

The Salt Cave Spa

Touch of Grace offers spa services infused with essential minerals ...

This unique cave spa is one of the amenities lodgers at the Radisson Blu Hotel of Galloway that you can enjoy. Aside from the therapy that the salt spa is known for its popular treatment, there are several spots that feature the ambience of the hotel’s salt cave. 

The health benefits are plus but when you get to experience their restorative effects, you’ll be more prepared to explore the romantic Irish city of Galloway. 


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